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The Next-Gen 2019 Ford Figo Full Review

The 2019 Ford Figo will start the new generation. This is the third one, and we saw this vehicle for the first time in 2010. Nevertheless, the next-gen vehicle is going to be better in every way. It is not available for purchase yet, but we know almost all about it. Unfortunately, the subcompact hatchback is available in a limited number of countries. Fans of the Figo can purchase their favorite vehicle only in India, Mexico, and South Africa.

With a new generation, Ford is trying to revive this model. Sales started to decrease in 2018, and the production was cut by almost 50 percent. However, this car remains one of the best subcompact hatchbacks in India. It is very similar to the Ford Fiesta, and we are sure that the next 2019 Ford Figo will bring some features we can find on its better-known sibling.

2019 Ford Figo

2019 Ford Figo new engine

The previous edition of Figo hatch had petrol and diesel engines. Gasoline drivetrain was a 1.2-liter four-cylinder unit, which is capable to deliver 90 hp and 112 Nm of torque (82 lb-ft). Even so small, it wasn’t able to deliver better gas mileage than diesel unit. It was a 1.5-liter one which is present for the 2019 Ford Figo. From this drivetrain, the hatchback gets 100 horses and 160 lb-ft of twisting power (215 Nm).

However, for the new 2019 Ford Figo, engineers developed a bigger and stronger petrol unit. A 1.5-liter gasoline engine boosts torque to 100 pound-feet or 135 Nm, and its horsepower rating raises to 110 ponies. Well, some buyers will opt for this model definitely, but the main unit that will achieve the best results in the market will remain diesel.

2019 Ford Figo interior

Transmission and gas mileage

Diesel and petrol engines are not using the same routers. Well, a five-speed manual gearbox is a router for old units. Smaller gasoline and the only diesel send the power through this transmission. On the other hand, the new engine gets a new transmission. Contrary to manual, this one is automatic and comes with six gears.

The smaller petrol unit is more fuel friendly than its bigger sibling. It returns 18 km/l, which is equivalent to 42 mpg in the US, or 50 mpg in Europe. The bigger 1.5-liter unit delivers 17 km/l, or 2 mpg less. Diesel tops both these numbers with incredible mileage. Combined, this drivetrain can go 25 km/l. In US, it is 58 mpg. In UK it is 70 mpg. There are no many other vehicles that can achieve such numbers.

2019 Ford Figo rear view

2019 Ford Figo features

The US carmaker already announced some information regarding the 2019 Ford Figo. The car is going forward thanks to new technologies. For the next season, we will see Figo packed with some of the latest innovations. MyKey and Sync are standard. Some of the extra features are available of higher trim levels.


Ford is paying a lot of attention to safety. The new hatchback is going to get six airbags, side curtains, and anti-lock system for brakes. Although 2019 Ford Figo is not so powerful, and drivers are not going off-road, it offers hill launch assist. Finally, there is an electronic stability program by default.

2019 Ford Figo interior

2019 Ford Figo trim levels

The 2019 Ford Figo will keep its tiers in trims. Besides the base model, there are three more levels of equipment. Of course, the price heavily depends on the model buyers are picking. The mid-range vehicle is Ambient, and more accessories we can find in the Trend model. The most luxurious 2019 Figo will be again Titanium. This trim brings all of the features we mentioned as standard. On the most other trim levels, buyers will have to pay extra to get some of these.

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