2021 Ford Figo Redesign

2021 Ford Figo Redesign: Changes and Features

If we can rely on our Indian sources, the next generation of this subcompact hatchback is about to come by the end of this year, as the 2021 Ford Figo. Although we are still waiting for the official confirmation of the launch date, these predictions sound really likely, especially if we consider the model’s usual production cycle. The new model promises lots of novelties and we have no doubt it will bring improvements in terms of ride quality, comfort, performances etc. We also count on novelties under the hood. Of course, the most notable part of the next-generation will be new aesthetics.

2021 Ford Figo Redesign

2021 Ford Figo Redesign

The upcoming redesign is about to bring loads of novelties. First of all, we count on a new architecture, which will bring significant improvements in terms of ride quality. Bigger dimensions are another thing we expect to see. The current model measures around 98.1 inches and we expect that the new one will add a couple of inches, which would be highly beneficial in terms of the interior space, as we are talking about a subcompact car.

Of course, a big part of this redesign will be about aesthetics. Despite the fact that this model is available primarily in India, it follows the brand’s global design language almost entirely. So, we expect the same thing from the 2021 Ford Figo. This means a completely new front end, inspired by models like new Focus, which arrived last year. The rest of the body will come with novelties too, though the overall shape shouldn’t change significantly.

2021 Ford Figo Rendering


Loads of novelties are expected on the inside as well, as you may presume. As we already mentioned, the new model is about to get a couple of inches in wheelbase, which would provide a little bit more legroom, which is critical for vehicles of this size. Of course, this primarily refers to the second row, as the front seats already seem pretty decent in terms of space. Furthermore, some increase in terms of cargo space.

Obviously, this redesign will bring a completely new dashboard as well. The current model looks okay but lacks modern feel a little bit. Therefore, we will see modern aesthetics, as well as things like new tech features, such as touchscreen interface and more. The list of standard and available safety features should be notably longer compared to the current model, both in terms of tech goodies and safety features.

2021 Ford Figo Engines

The 2021 Ford Figo should also come with novelties under the hood. If you look at the current model, it relies on proven, but a little bit outdated engines. Base models are equipped with a 1.2-liter engine that puts out around 85 horsepower. There is also a bigger gasoline engine with around 110 horsepower. An interesting thing about this engine is that it comes with dual-clutch automatic transmission. Also, there is a diesel version in the offer.

For the next generation, we presume that some of these engines will remain, but Ford might also offer something more contemporary, such as an EcoBoost turbo-gasoline engine, such as a small 1.0-liter unit. At this point, details are still unavailable, so we can’t talk about numbers.

2021 Ford Figo Render

2021 Ford Figo Release Date

At this point, the company is still silent about this redesign, so you should take this article with a small dose of the reserve. Still, keep in mind that chances to see the new model really exist and that they are pretty big. We expect that the company’s spokesmen will say a couple of words about this model soon.

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