2021 Dodge Viper

2021 Dodge Viper Comes Back With V8 Engine

If we can rely on the latest reports, it looks like something big is cooking in Dodge’s kitchen these days. It looks like the iconic supercar is coming back, as the 2021 Dodge Viper. Those are the latest reports about the nameplate that has been discontinued recently. Fortunately, this will be just a short hiatus and the new model should come already in a year or two. At this point, most details are still a mystery.

However, there are things that are already pretty much certain, such as the number of cylinders. When it comes to the styling, we don’t know details but we may presume that the new model will stick to its roots and that the company will introduce a new version of the famous curvaceous body.

2021 Dodge Viper

2021 Dodge Viper Engine

One of the most significant changes in the new 2021 Dodge Viper will be the engine. This supercar has always been famous for its large V10 engine, but it looks like it’s time for something different. According to the latest reports, the new model will feature a V8 unit. Moreover, it looks like the company is working on a completely new engine. FCA is finally working on an aluminum-block engine, which will replace the current iron HEMI units. We still don’t know the size of this engine but some reports suggest that base versions of the 2021 Dodge Viper will be good for about 550 horsepower.

Of course, we count on more powerful versions as well. Allegedly, the most powerful variants will feature more than 700 horsepower. Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind is a monstrous 6.2-liter Hellcat engine, but this may also be a boosted version of the new aluminum-block engine. In any case, we count on some serious performances,

2021 Dodge Viper Redesign

When it comes to the base design, FCA will most likely develop a completely new platform. We count on a typical spaceframe with independent suspensions front and rear. Of course, the engine will be mounted under the long hood at the front, while the RWD layout seems certain. In terms of size, we expect similar proportions to the previous generation.

In terms of the styling, we presume that the new model will stick to the original philosophy. Of course, plenty of new aesthetical solutions will be presented, but we have no doubt that the new model will feature the famous styling, which is characterized by an extra-long hood and curvaceous body. More details should be known in the near future.

2021 Dodge Viper rendering

According to the latest reports, the 2021 Dodge Viper will come in both body styles, as a coupe and as a convertible. Interestingly, the convertible will probably come first.

2021 Dodge Viper Release Date and Price

The 2021 Dodge Viper is expected to come quite soon. Most likely, we will see a concept version at some of the upcoming car shows, while the production should start either in late 2020 or in the first half of 2021. When it comes to the price, base models will probably go around 90.000 dollars, which is notably lower compared to the previous generation.

Dodge Viper


Just a look at the price and you may presume that the new 2021 Dodge Viper won’t compete with supercars. The new model will rather be a luxury sports car. Therefore, the biggest rival should be Chevy Corvette, at least some higher grades of this legend. Of course, the list of competitors will go on, so we may count on rivalry with models like Lexus LC, Porsche 911, Jaguar F-Type etc.

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