2021 Chrysler Imperial

2021 Chrysler Imperial Comeback Rumors

If you are familiar with this nameplate, you know we are talking about one of Chrysler’s most legendary models. The first versions of this model appeared way back in the 1920s. Since then, we have seen numerous versions and a common thing for most of them is that this name was always reserved for large luxury cars. In the first decades of production, this was a genuine full-size luxury car. In the ‘50s, the company decided to make it even more exclusive, so “Imperial” became a completely new brand. Such a state remained in until 1983 when the model was discontinued. It came back shortly in the late 80s but ended production in 1993. Finally, the last thing we saw under this nameplate was a  2006 Concept, but this version never entered serial production. These days, we are getting reports about another comeback, in the form of 2021 Chrysler Imperial.

At this point, we see two possible scenarios for the eventual 2021 Chrysler Imperial. On one side, it could once again come as a flagship sedan, as a successor of the outdated Chrysler 300. On the other side, we might see it in the form of crossover.

2021 Chrysler Imperial

2021 Chrysler Imperial Comeback

As we’ve just mentioned, rumors about the comeback appeared. According to them, the new model could come already as 2021 Chrysler Imperial. At this point, we can only speculate about its design. The first thing that comes to mind is that it could carry on in the form of a luxury sedan. As a reference, many experts are takin the 2006 Concept. That model appeared as a pretty large and muscular full-size sedan, so the new version might take some inspiration, particularly in terms of aesthetics.

On the other side, the mechanics will be completely new. We count on a largely extended version of the Giorgio platform, with more than 120 inches in wheelbase. Of course, RWD seems natural, though AWD versions should be in the offer as well.

Naturally, one of the most interesting things would be the powertrain department. At this point, all options are open, starting from large HEMI V8 units. Also, keep in mind that FCA is working on a new turbo inline-six unit, which should come in several versions. Allegedly, the most powerful version will feature max output of around 525 horsepower, which seems like a perfect measure for some hi-performance version of the sedan. Finally, don’t exclude the possibility to see some form of electrification, though all-electric powertrain doesn’t seem very likely, at least not at this moment.

2021 Chrysler Imperial As Crossover

One of the things that bother many experts is the fact that sedans are as popular as they use to be, especially if we talk about full-size and luxury models. Crossovers are taking over the market, so the 2021 Chrysler Imperial could easily come in such form. After all, it’s no secret that Chrysler is working on a brand-new SUV, so using a well-known and legendary nameplate. Most likely, this will be a mid-size crossover, with a lot of things in common with the next-generation Grand Cherokee. This refers both to size and mechanics. Still, we expect from Chrysler’s version to be more upscale, more luxurious and to compete with premium brands. The engine lineup would be pretty similar as well.

2021 Chrysler Imperial SUV

2021 Chrysler Imperial Release Date

The 2021 Chrysler Imperial is just a rumor for now and it’s really hard to predict what exactly is going to happen with the legendary nameplate. We hope that the company’s officials will come up with some details in the future. In any case, the picture should become clearer in the following months.

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