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2021 Chevrolet Spark Preview: Specs, Features, Price

Chevy Spark is the company’s smallest vehicle in the offer in North America. Although subcompact cars aren’t particularly popular in this part of the world, this model marks some pretty notable improvements in the past few years. That’s why we don’t expect bigger changes for the next year. This model is affordable, efficient and quite reliable, and if we consider that the world is getting into another financial crisis, these things will definitely be on price. Therefore, the 2021 Chevrolet Spark shouldn’t carry on in the same way, with familiar design characteristics and overall design.

This means you may count on the same small hatchback that has been introduced in 2016. Of course, we saw a facelift last year, but the overall design has remained pretty much the same. Of course, there is always a chance to see a couple of novelties in terms of standard equipment, but most of the things are about to remain the same. We expect to see 2021 Chevrolet Spark sometime late in the year.

2021 Chevrolet Spark

2021 Chevrolet Spark Redesign

In terms of base design characteristics, things definitely won’t changes. This model perfectly follows the original Daewoo philosophy, which means offering a small hatchback with lots of efficiency and reliability. This is a perfect city car, with small dimensions that ensure easy maneuvering. In terms of the styling, we’ve seen a facelift for the 2019-year model, which has brought a number of interesting changes. Of course, the focus was on the front end, which now follows the brand’s latest design language. Therefore, we have no doubt that the 2021 Chevrolet Spark will carry on without bigger changes. Still, we will see a couple of new color options, Cayenne Orange and Mystic Blue. Also, some sources suggest new wheels designs. Other than that, things will remain the same.


Details about the possible interior changes are still unavailable and we won’t exclude the possibility to see things like new color schemes in the offer. Still, the overall cabin layout will certainly remain the same. This means that you may count on a cabin that accommodates up to four passengers. Given the car’s dimensions, the amount of legroom isn’t particularly great, but we are talking about a city car after all. When it comes to the cargo area, you may count on 11.1 cubic feet behind the rear seats. This small car can become a decent hauler when rear seats fold down. In that case, you may count on about 27.2 cubic feet.

2021 Chevrolet Spark Interior

In terms of interior quality, you shouldn’t expect too much. After all, we are talking about a small city car, which is characterized by one of the lowest starting prices in the class. Therefore, count on lots of hard plastics, though there is a couple of areas with soft-touch materials. Also, the sound insulation isn’t particularly good, even for this class.


As we’ve just mentioned, the next year might bring a couple of novelties in terms of standard equipment. Still, we are pretty sure that most of the things will remain the same as in the current model. The current model comes standard with tech goodies like a 7-inch touch screen, a Wi-Fi hot spot, voice command, Bluetooth, two USB ports, and a four-speaker audio system, as well as with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. That’s a quite decent list for a vehicle of this class, but things can become even better if you pick a higher-grade model. Some of the options are things like steering wheel-mounted audio controls, satellite radio, and a six-speaker audio system.

When it comes to safety features, you may count on a rearview camera. Additionally, you can get things like rear parking sensors, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking.  

2021 Chevrolet Spark Engine

Under the hood, you may count on the same good-old naturally-aspirated 1.4-liter gasoline engine, which puts out around 98 horsepower. It comes available with two transmission options. Base models are equipped with a manual gearbox, while the CVT is optional. In our opinion, the manual delivers a better driving experience, though CVT offers slightly better mpg ratings. The base version returns around 29 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the highway, while the CVT adds one more mpg in the city. In both cases, acceleration feels a little bit sluggish, but that’s a typical thing for the segment.

2021 Chevrolet Spark price

2021 Chevrolet Spark Release Date and Price

We expect to see 2021 Chevrolet Spark sometime late in the year. The current model starts around 13.300 dollars, which is a below-average price for the class. We don’t expect changes in the next year. When it comes to the competition, some of the key players on the market are models like Honda Jazz, Kia Rio, Toyota Yaris etc.

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