2018 Lincoln Aviator

2019 Lincoln Aviator

The Aviator was a mid-size crossover whose life didn’t last for two long. Between 2003 and 2005, buyers didn’t accept it well, and this SUV had no future in the industry. A similar situation is now happening to Lincoln MKT, so bosses in company seriously consider the return of the project as 2019 Lincoln Aviator. This vehicle is going to be a smaller version of Navigator, one of the most popular cars in Lincoln. This SUV, also being a leader in the whole crossover industry, comes back as 2018 model, so ‘Baby Navigator’, as some fans call Aviator, could come a year later.

2019 Lincoln Aviator front view

2019 Lincoln Aviator engine

As a tiny version of the big brother, 2019 Lincoln Aviator won’t be able to deliver so high output numbers. It can carry 3.5-l V-6, but this one will hardly deliver 380 hp, as it does for Navigator. More likely, is that Aviator is getting the 2.3-l 4-cylinder unit as standard powertrain. With it, delivery will go around 260 hp, which is enough for a mid-size crossover. More power will come from 2.7-l EcoBoost mill. This engine will be capable of delivering close to 300 horses. A 10-speed auto gearbox is an optional system, while 6-pace automatic comes standard.

2019 Lincoln Aviator redesign

Again, as a ‘Baby Navigator’, mid-size SUV will pick up some details from the new release of the big crossover. Some of the highlights are turbine wheels and bold grille. Puddle lights are very stylish, while glossy badge in the middle of the grille says welcome to all who approaches. We believe 2019 Lincoln Aviator will use the 30-way adjustable seats for front rows. Of course, these come with heating. Additionally, these have a massage function. The infotainment system is a special story. New Navigator is blossoming with premium features. Since the Aviator is a mid-range crossover, we don’t believe it will pick all that we can see on its sibling. However, fans will get the premium sound system and modern infotainment features for smartphones and similar gadgets.

2019 Lincoln Aviator side view

2019 Lincoln Aviator price

As a successor of the MKT model, the 2019 Lincoln Aviator will probably cost nearly the same. That means mid-size crossover will carry a $45,000 price tag for the entry-level model. The Navigator L is the higher trim, and we still don’t know if we are going to see Aviator L in the market.

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