2019 GMC Yukon

2019 GMC Yukon Specs, Denali, Diesel, Price

The GMC is not a brand you will find at top of charts in all segments. However, wherever it appears, the company is making a significant impact. For example, that is expected from 2019 GMC Yukon. None another crossover with this badge is more popular. When we add a Denali version and Black Edition, we get a stunning SUV which rivals the most luxurious models in the full-size segment.

Release date of 2019 GMC Yukon and Denali models is close to announcement. The same will happen with the price. The new concept will include changes on the interior. Most specs are going to be the same, including two petrol engines. Diesel unit for GMC Yukon is still uncertain. Well, it is still a far-fetched story, but the crossover could add a hybrid drivetrain. It would be a response to Ford’s plans to build Expedition and Navigator with hybrid engines.

2019 GMC Yukon front

2019 GMC Yukon engines

The 2019 GMC Yukon is going to use a 5.2-liter drivetrain as the base unit. It is good for 355 horsepower and 383 lb-ft of torque. The powertrain is pairing a six-speed automatic transmission that takes advantage of 4×4 drive system. However, a 4×2 drive mode is still an option. The 2019 Yukon with this engine is going to achieve around 20 mpg combined.

2019 GMC Yukon Denali specs

The second option is a 6.2-liter V-8. This is a unit for 2019 GMC Yukon Denali crossover. When the specs matter, this unit can produce 420 horses and 460 lb-ft. Besides that, the Denali SUV is using totally different transmission. General Motors will implement a 10-speed automatic transmission for smoother ride. As the base crossover, this one will also be available with 2WD and 4WD.

2019 GMC Yukon denali

2019 GMC Yukon diesel and hybrid

It is not likely that 2019 GMC Yukon will use a diesel any time soon. After the VW scandal, all companies are aware and somehow afraid. On the other hand, GMC Sierra 1500 is getting a diesel unit, and the same one could supply the power for full-size SUV.

At this point, it could be more likely to see some kind of a hybrid engine. Ford plans to transform Expedition and Lincoln Navigator. By using the new technologies, these crossovers will be in an advantage over their competitors. Well, the 2019 GMC Yukon Hybrid could be the response and fast act by General Motors.

2019 GMC Yukon an Yukon XL

There is a special extended version of 2019 GMC Yukon as well as for the current SUV. The length of the XL model is increased for 20 inches. The most of it goes for the cargo area. Instead of 15 cubic-feet which buyers of standard crossovers are getting, the bigger version comes with almost 40 cubic-ft. Finally, occupants in the third row will have more space for legs. The 2019 Yukon XL is going to offer 35 inches between seats. In the base SUV, the spacing is 10 inches shorter.

2019 GMC Yukon interior

2019 GMC Yukon pros and cons

The positive thing about the 2019 GMC Yukon is its size. If you are looking for a huge crossover with enough room for eight persons and their cargo, then this is a good choice. The SUV is also bringing a lot of luxurious features. Such model makes other look silly compared to it. However, the functionality has its cost. This is not so budget-friendly model. Buyers which care about their money won’t like high price and consumption. There are mid-size 7-seaters that can do a similar job as the Yukon.

Price and Release date

The 2019 year model will arrive by the end of this year. Denali version could follow it in a couple of months. The premium SUV is about to start from $60,000. High price also sets high expectations. If there are doubts in the standard model, then 2019 GMC Yukon Denali is not going to fail. But again, it will cost $10,000-15,000 more than the entry-level SUV.

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