2019 Ford Taurus specs

2019 Ford Taurus

It is still unclear what is happening with the Taurus sedan. While there are some rumors that vehicle is not going to get a new chance, some expert claim that the Ford company prepares redesign. That could bring a new life and new style for this sedan. So, 2019 Ford Taurus will try to lure more buyers, more fans, and extend its offer for couple years. Although these are not is the same class, for example, Fusion seems to be a favorite model. With higher selling records, it is not surprising why Ford invests more in its development.

2019 Ford Taurus front view

2019 Ford Taurus drivetrain

The current lineup offers two engines. Base models are getting power from the 3.5-l unit, while 2.0-l EcoBoost is optional. However, another one seems to be favorite to buyers, so it can find its place under the hood of the 2019 Ford Taurus. The return of the first one is not so likely, but we mustn’t say no to it. Engineers would rather see a 2.3-l EcoBoost unit as replacement of V-6 motors. However, it is hard to resist the power we get from a bigger unit. So, we will probably see again a V-6, but with 2.7-l displacement, and probably in twin-turbo version.

2019 Ford Taurus appearance

Not only that engine room is suffering significant changes, but it can also happen with exterior and interior. We are sure that designers will pack 2019 Ford Taurus with the latest infotainment features and gadgets. A full-size sedan must have a strong appearance also. So, cosmetic changes will be significant. Overall shape will be probably the same, as well as dimension, but that will be it. New grille, lights, tail, hood, and roof, will make new Taurus more stylish, aerodynamic, and aggressive. Buyers will know to appreciate that, so sedan could make a strong impact in its segment.

2019 Ford Taurus rear view

2019 Ford Taurus price

If a company wants to be competitive, they mustn’t raise the price of the 2019 Ford Taurus. Nevertheless, to lure more buyers, it would be wise to cut it a bit. Current model costs from $28,000 and buyers will be happy for sure if they see a $1,000 discount on the new car. However, since there will be many improvements and additions, we don’t believe Ford will do such thing. That means new Taurus couldn’t fulfill expectations, which can lead to the worst outcome for this car.

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