2019 Ford Mondeo

2019 Ford Mondeo – The European Ford Taurus

The 2019 Ford Mondeo is the European version of the Taurus sedan. Well, it is smaller than its sibling from the US. Described as the “family car”, this vehicle provides comfort and safety to all passengers. Also, it is using the big engine with a lot of power and an all-wheel-drive system. For the next season, we can expect significant changes, since the current generation dates back from 2012.

European cars are always detuned comparing to US standards. The 2019 Ford Mondeo will be the clear proof of this. Although Taurus is bigger, it delivers two times more power. Also, the US sedan is more expensive. Whatsoever, for the European standards, the 2019 Mondeo will be good enough to compete with likes of Opel Insignia and VW Passat.

2019 Ford Mondeo

2019 Ford Mondeo pros and cons

The main advantage of the 2019 Ford Mondeo will be its comfort. However, the sedan will lack premium features and exclusive details. So, for these demanding buyers, this will be the major deficit. Improvements on the current vehicle will make the Mondeo better and modern. New features, especially in its infotainment system will upgrade the offer. But, on the other hand, drivers would like to get more responsive handling and better maneuverability. Compared to its rivals, this is the big lack.

2019 Ford Mondeo diesel engines

Top of the range model of 2019 Ford Mondeo will come with a 2.0-liter diesel unit. It can deliver 180 hp, but it was not enough to move this heavy sedan smoothly. So, the engineers had to do something with it. The solution is the new rear suspension which will soak bumps and make the ride more comfortable. However, there are still room for improvements. On the other hand, we must praise the work of this engine. Although diesel, it is surprisingly quiet.

2019 Ford Mondeo side view

Less power comes from a 1.6-liter diesel drivetrain. All the power problems of its bigger siblings are even more transparent here. Lack of power is causing a lot of problems with acceleration, especially for drivers that are used to quick response.

Petrol drivetrains

There are also three gasoline units ready to produce power for 2019 Ford Mondeo. The EcoBoost lineup starts from the 1.0-liter engine. The event this small mill can produce more power than 1.6-liter diesel. The next one is more capable 1.5-liter powertrain with 160 ponies. Top of the range petrol engine is a 2.0-liter that comes power with 240 hp and 251 lb-ft of torque. Also, its emissions are still at the required level for most of the markets.

2019 Ford Mondeo hybrid

If you didn’t know, Ford has a hybrid version of Mondeo sedan. However, this car is not popular at all in Europe. Most of the units are built in the USA, so its price is significantly higher. On the other hand, a benefit is not covering the investment. Well, the US carmaker is going to be stubborn and launch the 2019 Ford Mondeo Hybrid. Without big changes, there are no objective reasons to hope for a good market appearance.

2019 Ford Mondeo rear view

2019 Ford Mondeo interior

As always, the new Mondeo will be spacious and cozy. Its interior might be the main strength. The layout, comfortable seats, and excellent infotainment system – the Ford was always ahead of the competition. Control buttons are easy to get used to them.

2019 Ford Mondeo interior

2019 Ford Mondeo price

Depending on the country we will see different starting prices of the 2019 Ford Mondeo. Well, the vehicle is the most popular in the UK. Buyers there can purchase the base Zetec model for 20,000 pounds. Vignale is the top range Ford for most markets outside the US. With the most powerful petrol engine and some additional equipment, the cost goes over 30,000 pounds. The range in the rest of the Europe starts from 27,000 euro and the Vignale edition costs around 41,000 euro.

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