2019 Ford Lobo – Mexican Version of Ford F-150 XLT

Have you ever heard of Ford Lobo truck? If not, then you probably haven’t gone southern from the US. This is the Ford F-150 truck for the Mexican market. The base model appears under its standard name. But, from XLT trim, neighbors will get the truck as the 2019 Ford Lobo.

Well, the 2019 Ford Lobo is not getting all the options its American sibling is offering. First of all, it won’t be available as a diesel. In the matter of fact, only two petrol engines will appear in Mexico. There are some other lacks as well. The 2019 Lobo will improve its trim level offer. Still, it is far away from the F-150.

2019 Ford Lobo

2019 Ford Lobo engines

The 2019 Ford Lobo is not coming with 3.3-liter V-6 as the base unit. It doesn’t offer this engine at all. Neither does twin-turbo 2.7-liter. The standard offer includes a 3.5-liter twin-turbo that can deliver 375 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. Fuel economy of this engine is 21 mpg combined in 2WD configuration. The all-wheel-drive models will return 20 mpg. The new 10-speed automatic is the router of the power created in the drivetrain.

The alternative to this powertrain is a huge 5.0-l mill. The V8 can produce 20 hp more than the V6 and the torque level is the same. The engine offers a gas mileage of 20 mpg combined when you choose the two-wheel drive. All-wheel drive system consumes more gasoline. Also, the towing capacity of the bigger engine is worse than for twin-turbo V6. The maximum 2019 Ford Lobo will be able to tow is 13,200 pounds. With the V8 it is 1,500 pounds less.

2019 Ford Lobo side view

2019 Ford Lobo trim levels and options

So, under the hood, we can find few engines which are there for F-150. But, what are the situation with trim levels and other configurations? By choosing the model, engine, cab, and bed, we can make 50 combinations. For 2019 Ford Lobo offer is not so wide.

The base model is not XL, but XLT. What’s more, four of six possible configurations of 2019 Ford Lobo are XLTs. The standard offer includes a V8 engine with 4×2 drive and regular cab. The slightly modified version comes with the 4×4 drive. Again, V8 and XLT trim level are used for Double Cab layout. Once more, buyers will choose between rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

Here we end with a V8. From the next trim level, only V6 is available. Double Cab and 4×4 drive come along with it. Customer will be the ones to pick up either Lariat or Platinum trim.

2019 Ford Lobo interior

We can see there are missing pieces of F-150 for 2019 Lobo. Mexican buyers won’t have Limited or King Ranch models, two most favorite trim levels in the north. Also, some engines are not in the offer, as well as the SuperCab.

2019 Ford Lobo Raptor

This is an interesting rumor. Mexicans are not so rich to afford 2019 Ford Lobo Raptor. However, there are a lot of fans in this country that would like to have such a performance-tuned model for show off. Well, we still don’t have any details about it. One thing is sure – it won’t be packed with the same features as its US sibling. The situation is the same with Platinum trim. For example, a configuration in Mexico costs 930,000 peso, which is $47,000. In the USA, this model’s price is at least $10k higher.

2019 Ford Lobo rear view

2019 Ford Lobo prices

The base XLT model of the 2019 Ford Lobo will be available from 600,000 pesos. In dollars that is $31,000. The price is lower again than for the US version. However, fans shouldn’t be worried, since this truck is offering fewer premium features and equipment. Also, the 2019 Ford Lobo will be slightly behind the F-150, so we can look at is as for the F-150 model for 2018.

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