2019 Ford Galaxy Redesign and Price

The 2019 Ford Galaxy is going to be one of the models for the European market. Buyers in the US already have few MPVs from different companies, so this one will stay where its popularity is the highest. This practical vehicle is in its third generation. Many fans believe it is time for the mid-cycle update. No big redesign is on the schedule, but the facelift will refresh the vehicle.

The multi-purpose vehicle is spacious and perfect for a transit of seven people. Depending on the country, there will be many trim levels. Well, everywhere, Titanium is going to be the highest grade with most equipment. Some of the standard features for the entire lineup is engine range. This is going to be a functional vehicle for safe and convenient transport.

2019 Ford Galaxy

2019 Ford Galaxy specs

There are two types of engines for the new 2019 Ford Galaxy. The standard offer in most countries where the MPV is available is diesel. This is one of the reasons why Galaxy can’t come across the ocean.

The base unit is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder. It can produce between 120 and 180 hp, depending on configuration. Also, the choice between manual and automatic gearbox can boost overall output. The strongest unit that could deliver over 200 horses is dropped for the next edition. Fuel economy is also one of the reasons why people are choosing this vehicle over others. The MPV can return 5 l/100 km, or in US mpg it is 47.

2019 Ford Galaxy side view

Petrol engine

Gasoline unit is not as much popular as diesel. So, the company is not offering it everywhere. However, buyers in the UK will find 2019 Ford Galaxy with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that is capable to deliver 160 hp. Also, a 2.0-liter turbo mill is another possibility for next season. The turbocharger will make it deliver 240 horses. This is a performance-oriented version and it takes the least time to reach 60 mph.

Fuel economy and emissions

Depending on engine choice, the 2019 Ford Galaxy is going to be more or less fuel- and environmental-friendly. Of course, diesel engines are the biggest polluters and the main reason why this model is not going to the US. Well, the petrol mill can’t meet the requirements.

On the other hand, some buyers across the sea would like to get so economical vehicle. The worst you can get from 2019 Ford Galaxy is 40 mpg in US units, or 50 mpg European. The best return goes up for 10 mpg.

2019 Ford Galaxy interior

2019 Ford Galaxy features and interior

For the entire lineup, the 2019 Ford Galaxy will offer 17-inch wheels. LED DRLs are available for higher trim levels, as well as 18-inch wheels. Taillights design is worth of mention, with black finishes and perfect fit with rear window. For the upcoming season, Ford will add more colors. The last Galaxy was well-known of its blue paintjob, while every other solution cost extra.  The new Galaxy is not getting the latest Sync3 infotainment system. However, navigation will be optional. An eight-speaker audio system is offering CD player, DAB radio, and aux jack.

Trim levels

In the UK, the 2019 Ford Galaxy will come as Zetec in base trim. In the rest of Europe, lineup starts with Trend model. Depending on location, buyers will choose Business trim before the top-tier Titanium. This one is in common for all dealerships. Well, again the UK buyers have a special offer with even more luxurious Titanium X.

2019 Ford Galaxy rear view

2019 Ford Galaxy US release

With some upgrades on the petrol engine, the 2019 Ford Galaxy is possible for the US market. This is exactly what drivers there need. We can find Ford Transit Connect as a very popular model. But, we believe that is the outcome of the weak competition. Ford Galaxy could shake the segment and make an immediate impact.

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