2019 Ford Focus

2019 Ford Focus

We expect to see completely new model of this popular compact car in about two years, probably as 2019 Ford Focus. This will be the fourth generation of one of the company’s most-popular models, which is designed primarily for Europe, but available in U.S. and some other countries too. Next generation is already under development and it looks like company prepares plenty of new things for this model. We still don’t know when exactly new model will, but if we consider that current one is present since 2010, we surely won’t have to wait so long. According to some reports, new model will come as 2019 Focus.

2019 Ford Focus redesign

2019 Ford Focus front viewRedesign of this popular compact car is already on its way. New model is in advanced phase of testing, and it should come in about two years. The 2019 Ford Focus will come with plenty of new things. Testing mule has been spotted and it looks like it will be quiet bigger than current generation. However, these changes in size won’t be so drastic, and next generation will remain in class of compact cars. The main thing about this increase will be longer wheelbase. This will bring many benefits, especially inside where we expect to see more spacious cabin and similar things.

2019 Ford Focus rear end2019 Ford Focus styling

When it comes to styling, it is still hard to make some predictions. Although we spied new model, testing mule still uses the body from current generation, which indicates that styling of new model won’t be finished so soon. Most likely, we will have to wait to see how new Fiesta will look like, because 2019 Ford Focus will surely follow this design language. New Fiesta will come for about a year earlier than popular compact. Same thing should be with interior design.

2019 Ford Focus engine

Well, it is still early for some more precise details about powertrain. For now, we can only expect that new engines will be more efficient. We are pretty sure that 2019 Ford Focus will come with engines that have more power and better economy. Current model is available with several diesel and petrol engines, and you should expect the same with next generation.

2019 Ford Focus sedan2019 Ford Focus release date

Exact release date is still unknown. However, many reports claim that new model will come somewhere during 2018, as 2019 Ford Focus. When it is about price, new model could cost a little bit more than current one, but it shouldn’t be anything so significant.

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