2019 Ford Fiesta ST review

2019 Ford Fiesta ST

A new generation of the Fiesta ST starts with the 2019 year model. Although fans were sure that car is coming earlier, it is not going to happen. So, we can say that significant modification and redesign is coming with 2019 Ford Fiesta ST. In comparison to regular, base mode, the ST range is getting visual and performance boost. These higher-class versions will give the fans option to purchase their favorite car with more power. Also, visual appearance is more aggressive. The ST is a better car in every way. That is visible on the price, though.

2019 Ford Fiesta ST

2019 Ford Fiesta ST engine

While regular models are coming with 1.6-l I-4 drivetrains, the source of power for 2019 Ford Fiesta ST is a 1.5-l mill. However, this one gets a support from a turbocharger. With it, the three-cylinder unit can deliver 200 hp. It is almost a double than base unit. Torque is at 215 lb-ft. Transmission is a 6-speed automatic gearbox, with manual option. Comparing to almost 9 seconds for Ford Fiesta, the ST model can sprint to 60 mph more than 2 seconds faster. This is all thanks to the direct injection system. The inline-three drivetrain brings many more novelties to the lineup, so every fan is going to be excited with Fiesta ST.

2019 Ford Fiesta ST side view

2019 Ford Fiesta ST styling

There is a major difference between the offer of the vehicle in the US and Europe. While customers in North America can find the only 4-door car, European buyers can choose. Additionally, there is a 2-door vehicle. There are few styling tweaks that will make 2019 Ford Fiesta ST different than the base model. Flat steering wheel and dashboard are the first two you will notice. Furthermore, there are premium seats and Sync3 infotainment system, with Bang and Olufsen audio system. Finally, exterior tuning will show brand new 18-inch alloy wheels.

2019 Ford Fiesta ST interior

2019 Ford Fiesta ST price

The 2019 Ford Fiesta ST will be available in different trims around the world. There will be many options for this model, and most of it is coming to US market. We can consider this as the top of the lineup model, especially because of its price. Regular Fiesta costs around $13,000, and for new ST, buyers must pay about $10,000 more. With extra features and options, it is going to double the price. That is also the case with Focus ST.

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  1. I’m not a fan of the three cylinder engines please leave the four cylinder in the car Balancing a three cylinder engine can be tricky at least and the torque is not as smooth or as much with it either and the sound the egine makes is wonky at best.

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