2019 Ford Falcon

2019 Ford Falcon

The new 2019 Ford Falcon has strong roots back in 60’s, and it explains how he could survive that long? This is a model with the longest career among world markets and especially in USA and Australia. Because of excellent reputation and firm status with no competition, there was always negotiation about redesigns on models and even just for a little update. So the company decided to make are over of new model which can be available in the American market as in the main market. Clients are delighted and many speculations of trained experts are waiting as well.

2019 Ford Falcon

2019 Ford Falcon redesign

Many people are always in search for a compact classic vehicle which can feed their appetite for quality and stamina. New 2019 Ford Falcon is an example how compact mid-size vehicle can be full filling to individuals and entire families. The shape is going to be slightly narrow with classic grill. Main materials in this car are aluminum and steel, which can give firm and yet classical strong look. The modern and futuristic appearance will give a new glow to the old model. Interior are also invented as a modern revolution with completed dashboard and navigation system.

2019 Ford Falcon rear

2019 Ford Falcon engine

Since the new 2019 Ford Falcon is still in final production details, we don’t know for sure if those data are correct, including the engine. What is reliable it that some mechanical specs will be larger and it is combinations of strong genuine materials. Some of the engine options are few possibilities. The first, an Ecoboost motor with a turbocharger is more likely. However, there are 2.0-liter and Ecoboost with a supercharger. Numbers are not familiar yet so we will not mention it yet. But, we can clearly say that engine will come in a turbo-diesel variety with high fuel consumption.

2019 Ford Falcon wheel

2019 Ford Falcon price and release date

The new Ford Falcon will appear on the market by the end of 2018. Final works are coming to an end, and there is an opportunity to have a better promotion for market sale and research. Promotion through viral networks and official sites are having more data about the final and correct date. Estimations about the price for base model are around $38,000, with a mark, that more upgrades on other models will have a higher price. This difference in price will not be very high. Of course, the launch will take place in Australia, where this model is very popular, as well as Ford Ecosport.

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