2019 Ford Explorer Comes With Minor Updates

The 2019 Ford Explorer will be just another step until we see the brand-new crossover. Positioned between Edge and Expedition, the SUV is going to present more changes in 2020. Whatsoever, some experiments will happen with the upcoming crossover. For example, the new model is not going to offer a V6 engine in its base variant. That means the next-gen Explorer will come with a new drivetrain.

Cosmetic changes for the 2019 Ford Explorer include few revisits of exterior and update of interior features and systems. The next generation of the SUV will change everything, so there is no reason to unveil too much at this moment. The 2019 Explorer could show some things we could see on the 2020 year model. But, even the big updates don’t mean the SUV will keep them for next edition.

2019 Ford Explorer

2019 Ford Explorer comes without V6

Current engine lineup of the 2019 Ford Explorer has three drivetrains. In the matter of fact, there are two of them, since the V6 comes as naturally-aspirated and twin-turbo for higher trims.

Instead of a 3.5-liter unit, a 2.3-liter turbo-four becomes the only solution for base and XLT trim levels. The power output of this mill is 280 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque. Front-wheel drive is standard, and buyers can opt for all-wheel drive. Ford will test the new 10-speed transmission. It is going to replace the old six-pace gearbox.

The alternative and the engine for higher trim levels, Platinum and Sport, will be twin-turbo V6. A 3.5-l displacement is capable to produce 365 hp and 350 pound-feet of twisting power. Well, it will come exclusively in AWD mode. Also, this engine will replace its 6-speed automatic transmission with the new one.

2019 Ford Explorer side view

2019 Ford Explorer gas mileage

Engineers decided to keep the more economical engine. The big and sturdy V6 consumed more fuel. Now, the turbo-four powertrain can return 22 or 24 mpg, in AWD or FWD. On the other hand, the remaining V6 is a performance engine, but it comes with the same mileage rating as the dropped unit. Naturally-aspirated or turbocharged, a V6 is good for 16/22 mpg.

2019 Ford Explorer evolutionary styling

Instead of changing radically the look of 2019 Ford Explorer, designers decided to upgrade its current appearance. It is some kind of an evolution of the unique design language. Well, the 2019 Explorer is going to use a new platform. However, that doesn’t change too many things. The crossover keeps dimensions and shape, so everyone can recognize it on street. Wheelbase could be slightly longer.


Updates of the 2019 Ford Explorer include more color options for sure. Every trim level will get refreshment. Of course, the most paint jobs buyers will choose after they pick Platinum trim level. On the other side, the interior can expect an update. The new infotainment system will come with 2020 Explorer. Until then, we will see the same features and services. Of course, Ford will update all of them before the launch of 2019 Explorer.

2019 Ford Explorer interior

Platinum, Sport, and other trim levels

The base trim level will be again the 2019 Ford Explorer. Just that. For more features, buyers can choose XLT. The mid-range probably starts with a Limited model. Sport and Platinum bring the most options and features. Well, the price indicates what to expect from these.

2019 Ford Explorer release date

The 2019 Ford Explorer will come in the final quarter of 2018. Without big debut, the vehicle will refresh the lineup and keep attention on the mid-size class of Ford’s SUVs. Nevertheless, fans of the Explorer will wait for the new generation that comes with the 2020 year model.

Since no big changes are on the way, the 2019 Ford Explorer will keep the pricing list. At least for the base model. The offer will start from $32,000. Well, modifications of trim packages could change the pricing of each level. The Platinum model is still going to be the only one above $50,000.

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