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2019 Dodge Dart Redesign, Price and Release Date

The 2019 Dodge Dart is going to be the second return of the legendary car. The first model came out almost 60 years ago. In 1960, the first Dart replaced Plymouth siblings. After only three years, the car headed into the third generation. It lasted until 1976. Whatsoever, the Dodge Dart reappeared in 2013, and again, discontinued in 2016. The FCA, the owner of Dodge, Chrysler, Ram, Fiat, have several versions of this car in different countries.

For customers in the US, the good news is that carmaker is planning to launch 2019 Dodge Dart. But, exact details are not yet available. According to rumors, it will continue where its last model stopped. However, many upgrades and fixes must be made. With modernization, Dart could be a star once again. It will take a spot in compact sedan class. There, it will rival Mazda 3 and Ford Focus Sedan among others.

2019 Dodge Dart

2019 Dodge Dart engine

The 2019 Dodge Dart will probably keep two of three drivetrains we could see in its last edition. The first one is a four-cylinder turbo 1.4-liter mill. It can produce 160 horses, which is exactly the same amount a previous 2.0-liter unit could do. But, a 1.4-liter engine is better in mileage and torque outputs. A bigger displacement is not a match with its 150 lb-ft and 29 mpg combined. The turbo-four powertrain is better in both categories – 185 hp and up to 42 mpg on open road.

The engine is mated to a six-speed transmission. Buyers will choose either manual or automatic gearbox. Also, this unit will get an update on its unique DDCT transmission.

Tigershark engine

Turbo-four unit is not the sole option for 2019 Dodge Dart. The sedan will return a 2.4-liter Turboshark drivetrain, but bigger displacement. While engineers are dropping a 2.0-liter version, a 2.4-l mill will be under the hood of the new 2019 Dart. It delivers 25 horses more than 1.4-liter engine, but it is 15 pound-feet short on torque end. Fuel consumption is higher, and this model will get few trim levels.

2019 Dodge Dart back

2019 Dodge Dart redesign

While the engines for the 2019 Dodge Dart are the same, the look will be completely different. This sedan will be longer, but more aluminum is going to be in its body. After all changes, less weight and better fuel economy results will be certain. Designers are installing new bumpers, LED lights and taillights. Besides that, we could see additions such as panoramic sunroof for some higher trim levels.


The new Dart is getting the latest features FCA is installing in their modern sedans. Safety is in the first place. A lot of airbags and driver’s assist systems are there. Although it is a compact sedan, the 2019 Dodge Dart has enough space inside the cabin. There are legroom and headroom even for taller occupants on rear seats. The sedan still offers enough room for cargo.

2019 Dodge Dart interior

2019 Dodge Dart trim levels

As its predecessor, the 2019 Dodge Dart should offer plenty of additional equipment, colors, and trims. Even the base model will have enough accessories, but the highest-level sedans will be almost as for the premium class. From Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to premium leather and automatic climate control, the 2019 Dart will have plenty of extra features in the offer.

2019 Dodge Dart release date and price

The 2019 Dodge Dart is still searching for its factory. The last sedan was built in Mexico, but other vehicles are being produced there now. So, the 2019 Dart could be only the preview of what we will see next season. In 2020 will be the 60th anniversary, and it would be a great surprise for all fans to see the new generation back on the road for such fiesta.

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