2019 Chrysler Imperial review

2019 Chrysler Imperial Rumors, Release date

These days, rumors about the 2019 Chrysler Imperial are becoming more and more frequent. It seems that the American manufacturer is pretty serious about this model.

To remind you, this is one of the brand’s most iconic nameplate of all time. Original Imperials were launch way back in the 1930’s. With few breaks, this name was in use until mid 90’s. Since then, we are waiting for its revival. The closest shot was in 2006 when we saw a concept version of this full-size luxury car. However, it had never entered serial production. 12 years later, we are about to finally see a new version.

2019 Chrysler Imperial

Latest reports suggest that the new model will be ready already for the next year and that will come as 2019 Chrysler Imperial. Still, we are still waiting for the official confirmation, so you should take all these details with a dose of a reserve.

2019 Chrysler Imperial – What to Expect?

As we already mentioned, we must rely on rumors at the moment. The company didn’t provide any information about the new model. Moreover, we are still waiting for the production confirmation. Still, many insiders insist on the 2019 Chrysler Imperial and its certain arrival. What to expect from it, frankly, we would not have an idea what to say. So, we would stick to rumors. According to the most of the sources, we are about to something similar to the 2006 concept, at least when it comes to the styling approach.

2019 Chrysler Imperial

On the other side, mechanical details are hard to predict. Most likely, the 2019 Chrysler Imperial will use many design solutions from the Chrysler 300. However, if we consider that the current flagship model still uses some 20-year old components, bigger modifications will be needed for sure.

2019 Chrysler Imperial base design characteristics

Just by its name, it is easy to conclude that this will be a very large car. Moreover, this should be a new flagship model. We can presume that many parts will be shared with 300 sedan. This full-size sedan rides on the LX platform, which was used for the original first generation that came 2004 as well. The 2006 Imperial concept was also based on this platform, just with the stretched wheelbase. On the other side, styling is a story for itself. Many experts believe that the new 2019 Chrysler Imperial will have styling characteristics similar to the 2006 concept. Still, this was 12 years ago and further improvements will be needed for sure. Expect various sheet metal modification, a completely new interior design etc. Finally, there is the engine issue.

2019 Chrysler Imperial interior

2019 Chrysler Imperial engine

Speaking of the things under the hood, 2019 Chrysler Imperial will use some of the company’s famous units. Of course, the focus will be on V8 engines, but we won’t be surprised to see a familiar Pentastar V6 in the offer as well. The current Chrysler 300 comes with three engines in the offer.

The base model features afore mentioned 3.6-liter V6, which is good for about 300 horses. Still, a real deal starts with eight-cylinder units.

The first one is a 5.7-liter Hemi with around 365 horsepower and 390 pound-feet of torque.

Also, there is a bigger 6.4-liter unit, which delivers even more power, around 470 horses and 470 pound-feet of torque. All engines should come with a new 8-speed automatic transmission.

2019 Chrysler Imperial rear view

2019 Chrysler Imperial release date

If look all those reports on the internet, it looks like 2019 Chrysler Imperial is almost ready for production and that should come any moment. The reality is that this model is yet to be confirmed, so we are pretty skeptic about its close arrival.

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