2019 Chevy el Camino Modern Design, Old School Interior

The return of the 2019 Chevy el Camino will cause many questions. First of all, which class it is going to belong? Also, how likely is it to see the famous truck again? Well, we believe that el Camino could be a limited-time vehicle. Since the Silverado 1500 is in the new generation, some surprise when the interest starts to fade could come with such model. Well, we didn’t see Chevy el Camino for over 30 years. Now it seems like the return is more likely than ever.

One of the existing engines will definitely take a position under the hood of 2019 Chevy el Camino. On the other hand, the design must remind all old fans of the vehicle they used to watch or have. Well, these types of models can’t succeed nowadays, but some elements could bring back memories. Also, the styling should attract new buyers. Chevrolet could make a dashboard similar to the old one, while the exterior and cabin features will get a modern look.

2019 Chevy el Camino truck

2019 Chevy el Camino drivetrain

The 2019 Chevy el Camino could take the dropped Fuel-Flex 4.3-liter V-6 engine from Chevrolet Silverado. Well, the GMC Sierra 1500 is still using it, while the new Silverado is coming only with V-8 petrol units.


Small powertrain perfectly fits a truck that would take a position between Colorado and Silverado. It can deliver 285 horses and 305 pound-feet of torque. In some high-output variants, turbocharger could add more power to 2019 Chevy el Camino. But, the base units with such drivetrain are good for 21 mpg combined.

A V-6 engine comes in pair with an eight-speed automatic transmission. There are no changes here. The gearbox is still smooth and precise. And what is the most important, it routes power to all wheels. A two-wheel drive is possible. Nevertheless, the last edition of Chevy Silverado didn’t offer this setup.

2019 Chevy el Camino engine

2019 Chevy el Camino modern styling

There are no doubts that 2019 Chevy el Camino will attract a lot of attention. However, there are no details about the look of the new model. If we start from the beginning, the first question could be about the grille. Is it coming with a bow-tie or “Chevrolet” will be written there? Also, we are sure that bed will be special. The sporty truck is not going to be the most potent vehicle in the market, or it will try to be there. Finally, we could see interesting tailgate design on the most recent Chevy Silverado 1500. El Camino is going to borrow some parts from this feature. Also, the pickup could be used for new experiments as well.

2019 Chevy el Camino side

2019 Chevy el Camino blast from the past interior

The exterior of trucks has changed over the years, and it is impossible to implement old-school look on the modern pickups. On the other hand, the interior can bring back memories and resurrect some features. Shift knobs, steering wheel, old gauges with modern touches… there are plenty of details that can boost the impression of sitting in the old el Camino. Well, the final word is on Chevrolet. They decide if 2019 Chevy el Camino is going to be just an old name for a new truck, or they will add something that reminds us on the legendary vehicle.

2019 Chevy el Camino release date

We hope to see 2019 Chevy el Camino as soon as possible. The next-gen Silverado 1500 is here. Chevrolet is developing the new Kodiak 4500HD truck. With such tight schedule, we don’t know where el Camino could fit. Nevertheless, some of the big car shows will host its premiere. Nevertheless, we believe it will happen in 2019. Detroit, New York, and Chicago are the major stages where it could appear.

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