2018 Tesla Model C

2018 Tesla Model C

Tesla company is still trying to fulfill their ambitions on the market. However, electric vehicles still can’t fully compete with classic diesel and petrol cars. Economy is way better, but products are not as powerful as their rivals. However, carmaker does not give up. With every new release, they are step closer to competition. We can’t wait to see what kind of reaction will come after premiere of 2018 Tesla Model C. The Tesla S and Tesla X models had success, and there is no doubt that hatchback C is going to follow their example.

2018 Tesla Model C

2018 Tesla Model C specs

There are many stories talking about engine of the 2018 Tesla Model C. It is obvious that this hatchback can get many previous versions of drivetrains. From 40 kW to 90 kW, every battery pack has more or less chances to appear on new C vehicle. For example, 40 kW and 60 kW motors were cut, as demand for them drops. Range of new hatch will be over 200 miles, and it is going to offer all-wheel drive as option. Drivers don’t have to worry about fuel economy, since vehicle will have Supercharging technology. By that, company guarantees super fast charging.

2018 Tesla Model C side

2018 Tesla Model C styling

Powertrain of every Tesla car is highlight. Nevertheless, to breakthrough into market, every part of vehicle is important. That’s why designers in company always have extra work to do. Result is attractive 2018 Tesla Model C, as we can see on first sketches. Nose has characteristic part of grille and badge on it. Similar styling is on S model. Nevertheless, design of bumpers and wheels is unique. Car is coming with daytime running lights and 5-spoke wheels. Other parts are still secret, but there are some hints for interior. Since it shares concept with other Tesla models, we will see stylish dashboard and door panels. Also, leather covers seats and steering wheel. Furthermore, there we can find many control buttons. Finally, safety is on top level for Model C.

2018 Tesla Model C rear

2018 Tesla Model C arrival

We believe that Tesla is going to present its entire lineup for 2018 at same time, or with short pauses. Nevermind, entire show won’t start before second half of this year. We will see in which order vehicles are going to appear, but fans can be sure that 2018 Tesla Model C will be star of it.

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