2018 Lincoln Navigator L

2018 Lincoln Navigator L

The new 2018 Lincoln Navigator L has already a good upcoming promotion and its no wonder how demanding is higher. Navigator represents a new series of vehicles, and it is going to positions as a high class vehicle. Finalization of final concept of this vehicle isn’t formed yet to maximum, but final presentation is expecting at 2018. Many admires are demanding even earlier promotion, however that is not confirmed yet.

2018 Lincoln Navigator L

2018 Lincoln Navigator L release date

This SUV will have strong and high competition on upcoming market at 2018. Many estimated prices are different, but according to its predecessor price will go round $60,000 and even more with new updates. Many other brands in this category will have the same or higher price as 2018 Lincoln Navigator L.

2018 Lincoln Navigator L interior

2018 Lincoln Navigator L styling

With a time passing, also new techniques of design and features are coming, so the competitors are rough. That’s why is important for market to stay in touch with modern technology. The 2018 Lincoln Navigator L is heading to be something different than its predecessors. The body will have offers extended dimensions with huge gull-wing doors. Nevertheless, there are staircases in both sides. The color and whole inner designed found inspiration in sea world and design of yachts. Leather fully covers interior and many design languages furnish seats. Updated virtual instrument panel has latest options, like Google navigation, Wi-Fi central etc.

2018 Lincoln Navigator L gull-wing doors

2018 Lincoln Navigator L specs

New engine has numerous updates. Earlier powertrains had lightly features and now there is a lot improvement. This new EcoBoost engine will have a 3.5-liter V6 modification which can provide over 400 horsepower. Thanks to turbocharger, other numbers for 2018 Lincoln Navigator L  jumped comparing to earlier edition. However, this model of powertrain is in use in Fords platform which is giving more than a quality in this case. Other drivetrain possibility is 3.0-l V-6 unit. This one also is getting turbocharging, but dual system. With it, we expect even higher output than 400 hp, probably closer to 450, and we must not exclude 500 hp-rated vehicle.

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