2018 Lincoln MKT

2018 Lincoln MKT

During the past years, on US market, there are well familiar patents from Lincoln industry such as Aviator and Mycket. They were representatives of a new generation with lighter shape, modern transition force, and exciting design. Some of them are retired from the current offer and there is always some possible details to improve. Some of them are like 2018 Lincoln MKT which predecessor did not go well at the promotive areas. Also in car salons market as well. Returning to this new vehicle is still existing proof that every car deserves a second chance.

2018 Lincoln MKT

2018 Lincoln MKT redesign

The 2018 Lincoln MKT has a redesigned platform but the main areas remain the same. The body will be lighter with great concentration of materials mixes, such as aluminum and steel. There is a combo with flexibility which keeps the body lighter which provides better transmission during the ride. Only what is eye catching on front part is a redesign on the grille and larger bumpers.  This vehicle can easy call a luxurious three-row model with seats adjustable. Cargo area is spacious and it can take seven passengers tops, with room between. A comfortable ride is something the buyer can count on.

2018 Lincoln MKT interior

2018 Lincoln MKT drivetrain

Using some hints from earlier sessions, the engine is a 3.7-l V-6 unit. Also, there is a 3.5-l V-6 option. The first solution is paired with the 6-speed automatic transmission. This creates a 305 hp and 276 lb-ft of torque. Estimated EPA rating of new MKT is around 21 mpg. The smaller engine can produce 350 hp and 360 lb-ft torque with help from the turbocharger. This one also sends power to a 6-speed automatic transmission, and then to all wheels thanks to Smart all-wheel drive system.

2018 Lincoln MKT side view

2018 Lincoln MKT price

Depending on the date of release from final distribution, we can expect that some of the base units of 2018 Lincoln MKT can have their prices already. Predictions are telling us that comparing to earlier models can go from $42,000 starting price. With updated forms and extensions, the final price will e going to the $52,000 but not only in US market also in European. Versions created in ending 2018 will be familiar over on-line sail where can first catalogs is available. One of the main competitors will be the new 2019 Crysler Pacifica.

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