2018 Lincoln Mark LT

2018 Lincoln Mark LT

The new 2018 Lincoln Mark LT will come as the improved version of its predecessor. Expectations are demanding and the rest is willing to show higher results, since lots investments are spent. According to data from this U.S. car brand, this high-end pickup truck will try to deserve expectations made from engineers themselves. Renovations are obvious and also a price difference will be noticeable. Final reduce of unnecessary features will be public exposed at the final presentation in Mexico. Mexico is choose in order to respect their market since they had boost in sale in earlier ages.

2018 Lincoln Mark LT

2018 Lincoln Mark LT redesign

Design is quite mystery and questionable. Comparing to earlier models there is no doubt that newcomer will arrive in several options. The upcoming model will be combo of several designs so the possible clients could have a choice. Some info says that one trim will be priority but the whole concept is going to have several segments. The most interesting part is inner space, which offers the latest navigation programs including Google app store and Fords infotainment system. All that tech toys fits into two displays on the dash board. However, not every unit will have such a improvements.

2018 Lincoln Mark LT interior

2018 Lincoln Mark LT engine

The new engine will have several updated segments such a more powered engine. Transmission will be through 6 – speed automatic gearbox, with stronger engine 5.5 liter V8. Power will be enough to create more than 350 hp and 365 pound-feet of torque. There is an very strong chance to reach perfection of four-wheel drive.

2018 Lincoln Mark LT headlight

2018 Lincoln Mark LT release date

There is not official info, but probe testing are in current mood so we could expect some positive news during the 2017. Finally at the U.S.A market estimated price will go beyond $35,000 and this is just first base units of 2018 Lincoln Mark LT. Other models will have price established to their inner updates or according to clients wishes. So we can expect final release at July 2018.

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