2018 Lincoln Continental

2018 Lincoln Continental

Most of the car lovers can’t wait to see completely new version of brand’s most popular nameplate, which is expected to come as 2018 Lincoln Continental. This model was known for a very long time. First models date from 30’s, while latest version was produced until 2002. Nowadays, even almost fifteen years after discontinuation, you can see a huge interest for this model. Because of that, company decided to revive this nameplate. Concept of future model was presented last year at the New York. Production model was firstly planned to come as 2017 year model. Latest reports say that launch will be next year, which means that it will carry the 2018 Lincoln Continental name.

2018 Lincoln Continental redesign

2018 Lincoln Continental front view

The 2018 Lincoln Continental will come completely new, as tenth generation. It will once again be a flagship sedan of Lincoln. New model will come fifteen years after previous version, so it is hard to find some connection between these two models. This will be more likely a completely new model, which will be based on the concept, which was shown last year. When it is about exterior design, 2018 Lincoln Continental will rely heavy on last-year concept. Visually, these models will be very close. At the front, differences will be minor. Production will come with a revisited bumper, which will come with the different configuration of air vents and fog lights. On the other end, changes will be more notable. We will see different rear end, which will feature much bigger taillights and, which is more important, more conventional tailgate, which will go all way down to rear bumper.

2018 Lincoln Continental interior

When it is about interior, we will see beautifully designed cabin, made of premium materials, and with extremely high level of comfort. Spacious cabin will be fulfilled with plenty of latest hi-tech features in all aspects.

2018 Lincoln Continental interior

2018 Lincoln Continental engine

For now, exact engine is still unknown. However, it is pretty much for sure that company will go for smaller V6, rather than large V8 unit, which was case in previous variants. The 2018 Lincoln Continental will probably come with the some of the company’s latest V6 EcoBoost engines. According to some reports, it is expected that total output will be around 400 horsepower and more than 400 pound-feet of torque, which will be delivered exclusively to the all wheels.

2018 Lincoln Continental rear view

2018 Lincoln Continental release date and price

The 2018 Lincoln Continental will come somewhere next year. Exact date is still unknown. When it is about price, expect base price of around 75.000 dollars.

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