2018 Lincoln Aviator side

2018 Lincoln Aviator

Some reports on the internet say that Ford’s luxury division could revive this mid-size SUV next year, as 2018 Lincoln Aviator. However, these are just rumors for now, and there is no official confirmation. This specific nameplate was in use between 2002 and 2005. It was produced for about three years, but never managed to make some better sale results. So, it was discontinued very quickly. It was a mid-size luxury SUV, heavily based on Ford Explorer, which was produced in that time. What new 2018 Lincoln Aviator could like, it is still unknown. It might continue as SUV, or could be a crossover? For now, it is all about rumors and speculations.

2018 Lincoln Aviator design

2018 Lincoln Aviator

As we already mentioned, news about this model are nothing more than rumors. This model was in production between 2002 and 2005, and never managed to make some decent results in terms of sales. So, it was discontinued quickly. Because of that, it is hard to believe that company will revive such unsuccessful model. We would add to this that mid-size SUV aren’t something that is very popular nowadays. So, it is easy to conclude that if company decide to revive this nameplate, it will definitely be a different type of vehicle. Most likely, it will be a crossover. However, we still don’t know the size of it. Since this brand already has a crossover of this size in its lineup, we presume that 2018 Lincoln Aviator could come a little bigger.

2018 Lincoln Aviator appearance

When it is about styling, we presume that it will come with brand’s newest design language, with many similarities with other crossovers of the lineup. On the other side, expect some dose of unique details too, which will be closer to the brand’s best-known nameplate Navigator.

2018 Lincoln Aviator rear view

2018 Lincoln Aviator engine

Engine for 2018 Lincoln Aviator is unknown. Original model featured a large V8, but that was more than a decade ago. Nowadays, when there is a global trend of engine downsizing, it is for sure that there will be some V6 in offer, maybe ever a four-cylinder unit. In our opinion, 2018 Lincoln Aviator could come with 2.7 liter EcoBoost unit. This unit is good for about 330 horses. A 3.5 liter engine also looks possible. This unit is good for about 365 horsepower.

2018 Lincoln Aviator release date

At this moment, 2018 Lincoln Aviator is nothing more than rumor. So, in the situation where it is unknown will this model even comes, it is pretty much irrational to speculate about possible release date.

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