2018 Jeep CUV

2018 Jeep CUV

Designers in Jeep company are working hard to prepare new compact crossover for next year. It will be brand-new 2018 Jeep CUV. So, with major updates and some styling borrowed from other models, this crossover is going to make immediate impact in this segment. Nevertheless, since it will be fresh release, we doubt CUV can make wide audience. First edition will fight its way in market against Honda H-RV and Subaru SV Crosstrek. This vehicle is about to replace Compass, or even Patriot. That means some parts are going to be the same. With this carry over, CUV will also update all features.

2018 Jeep CUV

2018 Jeep CUV engine

A 2.0-l inline-four drivetrain is getting power for 2018 Jeep CUV. This is new, turbocharged unit, developed by Jeep engineers. Second name of it is Hurricane. Some estimations about its delivery is starting from 160 hp, while the most optimistic predictions go up to 185 horses. Also, drivetrain can make from 150 to 170 lb-ft of torque. Soon we will have exact numbers. However, other possibility and different output is possible from 2.4-l engine. Sure thing is that 9-speed transmission sends power to either front or all wheels. New 4WD system offers many modes. There are Active drive I, II and Low. Selection is manual, depending on terrain and weather conditions.

2018 Jeep CUV interior

2018 Jeep CUV design

Since 2018 Jeep CUV is going to replace crossovers currently in offer, many styling solutions and design details could be the same. Spy shots unveiled only small part of the vehicle. Rounded front part and turn signals weren’t under heavy camouflage. Also, lower part of the body is different than on Patriot or Compass. Also, roofline is more aerodynamic. Cover hides rear of the compact SUV. Nevertheless, we managed to spot small windows on tailgate. Interior is still hidden. However, we are sure that 2018 CUV is going to update Uconnect infotainment system, safety and smart-phone connections.

2018 Jeep CUV rear

2018 Jeep CUV price

To be competitive on the market, 2018 Jeep CUV must be affordable. Because of that, experts believe starting price will be around $18,000. However, if new crossover uses bigger engine, price goes up to $22,000. We still don’t have information about options and trim range of the new CUV crossover.

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