2018 GMC Granite

2018 GMC Granite

New 2018 GMC Granite is fresh and vehicle with updates, which had a debut in 2010 car show at Detroit. Good and positive marks back then, were more than enthusiastic for other commercial activities. Following the process of innovation on modern market, all future line up of GMC trucks has changed over the years and final concept is now available. After couple of years waiting, progress is visible and production of new 2018 GMC Granite is approaching to the finalization. This truck is ideal choice for all true fans of classical, but at the same time, sporty spacious vehicle.

2018 GMC Granite

2018 GMC Granite styling

Comparing to its predecessors who were slightly different and more simplified, this model has a way modern features. Using new materials in different percentage, aluminum – steel – and carbon, there is an impression of enduring and strong shape of body which extends in other types of versions. This serie will be offered like sporty car with infiltrated LED program front and back with also lighter bumper which is firm. Cabin will be larger with great dashboard with updated Google programs with maps and navigation. Leather materials will be present in all corners of furnishing inner space. Four seats with safety belts on the back will have several designs and it can be switched if client requires.

2018 GMC Granite interior

2018 GMC Granite drivetrain

Comparing also the modern versus classic, we can conclude that modern update is also present in engine line up as well. In case of 2018 GMC Granite, engine will be compact to the appropriate platform. However, it doesn’t need to be in correct mood for all units. The main plan is to have 1.4-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder with 140 hp with 155 pound-feet of torque. With the 6-speed electronic transmitting this is a proper vehicle for smoother driving and with faster performance.

2018 GMC Granite rear

2018 GMC Granite release and price

There is no sure data about the price. Comparing to last basic unit which price were about $21,000. Thanks to modern and other techs updated features new units can cost even more than $25,000. After final promotion we will know for sure how much will be the price of the 2018 GMC Granite.

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