2018 GMC Envoy

2018 GMC Envoy

If rumors are true, 2018 GMC Envoy could be a great refreshment on the market. This nameplate might sound familiar to you. GM used this name for a mid-size crossover, which was produced in two generations. Original model came in 1998, while second generation was present in the period between 2002 and 2009. These two models (especially second generation) had some great characteristics. Sales numbers were also pretty decent. However, company closed its plant in Ohio. In this factory, Envoy and all other models based on GMT360 platform were produced. This is considered as the main reason for discontinuation. After some time of brake, we hear a rumors that this crossover might come back. If this come true, GMC will surely get a nice addition to its current lineup.

2018 GMC Envoy redesign

2018 GMC Envoy front viewAs we already mentioned, there are several reports about new 2018 GMC Envoy. This will be a return of model that was discontinued in 2009.  There is no official confirmation about these rumors. Also, we don’t known any details. So, we must rely on our predictions. Since there is already a model called Terrain in brand’s lineup, we believe that new Envoy will feature a quite different dimensions. Most likely, it will stand somewhere between compact and mid-size segments. The 2018 GMC Envoy will most likely feature attractive price as one of its main characteristics. So, company will most likely use current Theta platform, which will surely cut the costs of development and production. When it is about visual appearance, it is for sure that new model will use brand’s latest design language. Most of details will be borrowed from existing models, such as Acadia, Terrain etc.

2018 GMC Envoy engine

When it is about powertrain, there are several options for new crossover. Most likely, base engine will be company’s familiar 3.6 liter V6. This engine powers many models from General Motors and it proved itself as very efficient and reliable. It comes is various configurations, but we expect that 2018 GMC Envoy will use a version with 310 horsepower. This engine will come in pair with 6-speed automatic transmission. There is also a possibility to see a 5.3 liter V8 as optional. This unit outputs around 355 horses.

2018 GMC Envoy rear view2018 GMC Envoy release date and price

According to some predictions, 2018 GMC Envoy could come somewhere next year. When it is about price, we presume that the base model will cost somewhere between 25.000 and 30.000 dollars.

11 thoughts on “2018 GMC Envoy”

  1. I drive a 2007 Envoy now and would love to see this vehicle come back. There isn’t another SUV that interests me and im in search for a new vehicle. Love my 07 Envoy v6

    1. I have a 2006, I feel the same way. I would LOVE to see the Envoy come back. Best vehicle I’ve ever owned!

      1. I drive a 2003 and the terrains don’t compare. Would love to see new Envoy come come back before i make decision on what vehicle I’m getting next.

  2. I also drive a 2007 Envoy. I have grudgingly been trying to decide what to replace it with in the next couple years, and am happy to learn of the new 2018 Envoy! However, I am wondering if it will still have a truck chassis? That is a real bonus for towing.
    I currently have 150,000 miles on mine. I am curious what other owners’ mileage is.

  3. Phyllis Huffman

    I drive a 2005 Envoy, 4×4, loaded, bought it brand new and have loved it since day one. And I love the new design of the new envoy. GM please bring the envoys back i’m looking for a new SUV !

  4. I have a 2004 4×4. The best vechile I have ever owned. Just over 100,000 and it’s been the most reliable and low maintenance vehicle I’ve had. If they being them back I will buy nothing other then another Envoy. I have to have an SUV, not interested in any other model out there!

  5. I would buy the new Envoy SUV when available. Love my 2006 !! (has 180,000 plus miles and going strong.) Please build on truck chassis.

  6. I have a 2005 I purchased used when it had 40,000. Now has 249,000. Perfect size for me. Like others have said, best car I’ve ever owned. Takes a licken, keeps on ticken.

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