2018 Ford GT

2018 Ford GT

The new 2018 Ford GT is one of the next products which this American brand offers. This new sporty car is defined by mid engine, fast transmission, and modern design. Statistics shows that Ford engine has durability and stamina so is no wonder why Ford has a strong market. Designers were creative and effort to satisfy all clients wishes and appetites are quite a task. So they made a nice sporty vehicle which is a combination of these couple of reasons. Critics are always positive for this group of cars and this brand also.

2018 Ford GT review

2018 Ford GT engine

Comparing to its predecessors we have a strong mind that some features are changing. There is going to be a data compared to earlier tests and the engine can look like mid size. So, the 2018 Ford GT is getting power from a twin-turbo 3.5-liter Eco Boost V-6. It pairs with a seven-speed transmission. The mid-size supercar is coming with 650 hp and 552 lb-ft of torque and has a top speed at 216 mph. The Ford GT is EPA-rated 11 and 18 mpg for city and highway. The ride is smooth so the torque can be circulating from spot to spot.

2018 Ford GT specs

2018 Ford GT design

Design is sporty and futuristic. New 2018 Ford GT has many different materials inside the line up itself. The body is of aluminum and steel. Aluminum stands for faster transmission and lighter weight, and also steel for firm position and stamina. One of the most valuable info concerning this model is safety measures. Brakes are stronger and work fine in the ride. They are using the DSSV shock absorbers and active aerodynamics. Also, the Ford GT has several driving modes inside.

2018 Ford GT rear view

2018 Ford GT release date

Ford is planning to make a limit in production of this 2018 Ford GT. But, expansion is not impossible, because of the high demand and good selling records. Ford has a strong line in USA market so the further marketing is not at must. Estimations say that for European market price is going to be different, but not much. Car experts say that starting price is going to be around $450,000. For higher end trims, the price is going to rise. Of course, main competition comes in Chevy Corvette and its variations.

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