2018 Ford F-350

2018 Ford F-350

Super Duty Ford lineup is richer for new models in 2018. Redesign and tuning are on the way, so we will see better and more aggressive trucks. One of them is 2018 Ford F-350. Already well-known for its functionality, new pickup adds more features and items, helping driver in its work. Entire F series lineup is dominating the market. Now, by offering new vehicles, competition will have probably impossible task to catch up. New safety systems and overall performance are what buyers like, and it will be the same with Ford trucks in season 2018, especially F-350.

2018 Ford F-350

2018 Ford F-350 styling

Comparing to its sibling, 2018 Ford F-150, design is pretty much the same. On the other hand, new 2018 Ford F-350 can offer better performance. Nevertheless, all that power needs support from styling. Vehicle is making a statement outside, inside and under the hood. In the cabin, there is room for six persons. Truck is not luxurious, so cloth covers seats. Air condition boosts overall impression, while Sync3 is part of infotainment system, as well as navigation. Long list of equipment consist cruise control, buttons on steering wheel and rear-view camera. Furthermore, even longer list is for additional and optional features for new F-350.

2018 Ford F-350 interior

2018 Ford F-350 engine

Under the hood of the 2018 Ford F-350 is standard 6.2-l V-8 powertrain. With 6-speed manual transmission, it is heart for both this and 2018 Ford F-250 truck. Other possibility, also for both pickups, is diesel. This one is bigger, with 6.7-l displacement, and same V-8 drive. Petrol unit uses SOHC configuration for 390 hp, while diesel exploits OHV. It can make 440 hp, and almost unbelievable amount of torque, 930 lb-ft. Petrol is at just 450 pound-feet.

2018 Ford F-350 side view

2018 Ford F-350 price

Value of the 2018 Ford F-350 depends on trim level and cab configuration. We still don’t know what does company prepare for upcoming season, but base units should start from $35,000. High-end models, Lariat, King Ranch, or Limited, will cost more. Some of them could exceed $60,000 mark. Release date is planned for first couple of months of next year. That probably means company aims car shows in Detroit or New York for premiere of the new F-series lineup.

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