2018 Ford Escort

2018 Ford Escort

The new 2018 Ford Escort is a perfect idea of upgrading sporty sedan which will be available in many markets including European. Last version came in Asia market in 2014. With improved gasoline engine and fuel reduce it is on high demand even in Europe. The main ides was that design of the vehicle will be as quality but yet classic and inexpensive car. There are more than a visible changes comparing to its predecessors and this model will arrive during the 2018.

2018 Ford Escort

2018 Ford Escort exterior and interior

The 2018 Ford Escort is another Fords model which is worth of attention and investment. Platform is coming from its company, as modification of C concept. Design can be various, depending from dimensions and door order. Weight will be lighter or heavier depending of mass materials, which is going to be in use. Rear lightning will involve combo with LED lightning, which will give sporty appearance. Roof structure and hood lines will suffer redesign and in tone of a color. The cabin should have 5-seat capacity with security belts inside.

2018 Ford Escort rear

2018 Ford Escort engine

Engine will be strictly designed for gasoline fuel since the fuel reduce measures are there. We have info about drivetrain. It will be 1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol unit, with capacity of 105 lb-feet of torque. Its design is to be the front-wheel drive. There is a info about gas consumption which will be around 36 mpg or 34 mpg with automatic gearbox. According to tests, 2018 Ford Escort will be able to gain between 115 and 120 miles per hour. Also some of the tests will improve these results but these are just first impression data.

2018 Ford Escort interior

2018 Ford Escort price and release date

Ford company is known for its reliability and stamina so is no wonder why demanding for this model is numerous and expanding. There is no sure data about release date but estimations are end of 2018.  Promotion will be couple of months earlier. Base models will cost around $34,000, but nothing is final yet. However, more updated units will be significantly expensive.

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