2018 dodge dakota

2018 Dodge Dakota  

By the end of 2018, Dodge company has prepared some new advantages for trucks.  It was only a matter of time when would the new and improved generation of Dakota be on the light of market. This truck has never been considered as a prime model on its class. But, surely 2018 Dodge Dakota  has a chance to go for an upper class. The improvements are included of many segments of this type of truck. Many frontal features are changed but also we can expect engine preparations to finish with internal changes.

2018 Dodge Dakota  

2018 Dodge Dakota redesign

Renovations on 2018 Dodge Dakota are heading to be a break out on market. If we talk about labels, this type of truck is offering one of the simplest type of design. However, new Dakota will have many innovations on aggressive looks, brighter lights and larger tires. Some new and refreshing moments are in LED lights and lightweight material in its own structure. Refreshed styling included sportier colors, which gives it more attractive look. Also the good news is that company will give much space for towing. Also, passengers will have enough room for legs and head. One of the important thing is internal equipment which provides lighter handling, with a large display for navigation and other features.

2018 Dodge Dakota side view

2018 Dodge Dakota engine

The 2018 Dodge Dakota engine is still a secret. There are more guessing, than real information. We sure know that the engine is going to be updated comparing to earlier models. These were using two different units. First one was 3.7-l V6 with 210 hp could come back on 2018 Dakota. Other one was 4.7-liter V8 with output of 300 horses. This numbers has to be beaten if Dakota expects any positive results in market. Some suggestions are that another possibility could be V6 Pentastar drivetrain. A 9-speed automatic gearbox is waiting for drivetrain. Turbo-diesel four cylinder engine is another rumor surrounding new truck.

2018 Dodge Dakota spy pics

2018 Dodge Dakota price

Its not sure yet what would be the price for this new upgraded Dodge. Comparing to last models, predictions go around $60,000.  Although main price is high, lovers of these trucks will have to pay even more for upper trims.

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  1. Trinidad Perez

    Ive been waiting for dodge to bring back the Dakota and if they do i certainly plan to get it. I had one and loved it! Please please bring it back !

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