2018 Chrysler 200

One of the most wanted Chrysler models is the 200 sedan. This vehicle became very popular on both sides of the sea, US and Europe. Modern car belongs to mid-size class and adjustments for upcoming 2018 Chrysler 200 could bring more users. New generation is still fresh, and according to positive feedback on its exterior and interior, this model will be awaited eagerly, not only by the fans, but also competition. It could be released during third quarter of 2017, or even closer to the end of that year.

2018 chrysler 200

2018 Chrysler 200 engine

We are waiting for official information about engines which are going to supply power for 2018 Chrysler 200. Both V6 and four-cylinder engine are currently being mentioned in rumors. Smaller one is coming as 2.4-liter displacement, and it is more probable to appear as base unit. Higher trims will get 3.6-liter V6 unit under the shell, which provides more power and torque. Whatever engineers decide on the power source, transmission which waits is 9-speed auto. Smaller engine could run 35 mpg on highway, while V6 drivetrain’s low end is 22 mpg in urban areas.

2018 chrysler 200 rear view

2018 Chrysler 200 redesign

Third generation of the sedan is upgraded comparing to models in same generation. Last model was very popular and its styling was a highlight. Now it comes with even more features and equipment. First of all, infotainment and comfort are improved. There is new USB connection with U-connect touch screen. Also, 2018 Chrysler 200 is getting upgraded safety features. Few trims will be offered, including LX, 200s and 200c. Exterior is not modified too much. It is still sleek, with updates on grille and headlights. Wheel base length remained as before. Wheels are 18-inch and 19-inch for top of the class sedans. Sunroof, ventilation, power-seats and many more features are available for higher trims.

2018 chrysler 200 interior

2018 Chrysler 200 price

The 2018 Chrysler 200 is going to be presented during 2017, and company is going to keep this sedan for some major car show. Current model is priced between $22,000 for LX and $31,000 for 200c trim, and slight price raise is expected for upcoming model.

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