2018 Chevrolet El Camino

2018 Chevrolet El Camino

You can find many rumors about 2018 Chevrolet El Camino on the internet. According to them, company plans to bring back this legendary model after many decades. This is a coupe utility/pickup, which was in production for many years, between 1959 and 1987. During all these years, we saw five generations of it. Although it isn’t in production for almost three decades, interest for this model is very big nowadays. Company produced similar model under Holden badge, until recently, but this should be completely different. The 2018 El Camino should be a performance-oriented car, with powerful V8 engine and attractive sporty design. However, those are just rumors, and you should take this with big reserve.

2018 Chevrolet El Camino redesign

2018 Chevrolet El Camino front viewThe 2018 Chevrolet El Camino should come as an all-new model, according to rumors. For, we don’t have anything but rumors about new model. So, we will rely on them and some our prediction. We still don’t know which platform will new model use, but we believe that it could be from Malibu, maybe even from Impala. However, since this will be a performance car, some believe that 2018 Chevrolet El Camino will be related to the legendary Camaro. This is also possible, and in this case it will ride on Alpha platform, which company also uses for CTS and ATS models from Cadillac. When it is about styling, new model will follow the latest design language of the brand. Some expect that new model will have many similarities with new Camaro. This will be also inside, where we expect pretty much the same cabin as in legendary pony.

2018 Chevrolet El Camino engine

Rumors say that 2018 Chevrolet El Camino will come in V8 variant. In that case, there are several possible engine that could come under the hood of new car. Most likely, it will be a 6.2 liter V8 engine, which will company probably tune down a little bit for this occasion. It should have around 420 horses. When it is about transmission, this engine will probably come in pair with new 8-speed automatic. Also, we believe that 2018 El Camino will be offered in some smaller, V6 variant.

2018 Chevrolet El Camino rear view2018 Chevrolet El Camino release date and price

Although some believe that new model could come already next year as 2018 Chevrolet El Camino, those are nothing but rumors. So, you should take this with big reserve. We still don’t know will it even come. If company release this model, it should go around 35.000 dollars, roughly.

10 thoughts on “2018 Chevrolet El Camino”

    1. Boyce Gitzen Sr.

      I love it. BUT…..I bought (an still have) a 2005 Chevy SSR which is basically
      the same thing, and they ALL come with OPEN TOPS.

  1. I have a 2003 SSR. If the new El Camino came with a hard top convertible I’d consider buying it. I just wish they would bring back the SSR.

    1. Boyce Gitzen Sr.

      Hey Wayne, I bought my 2005 new and still have it! Rides like a dream! Had it custom painted in Las Vegas by “you know who”.
      I would ONLY sell it for the RIGHT price.

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