2018 Cadillac CT2

Cadillac is luxurious brand of cars. Fans of this producer are always eager to wait for new models and innovations. So it is with its sedan, 2018 Cadillac CT2. It will compete premium models of German carmakers, BMW and Audi, as well as other producers. The CT2 continues kick start made by ATS. This luxurious sedan introduced Cadillac into luxurious sedan segment, and new product fills the spot in compact class. However, this vehicle is going to be attractive at least as its predecessor. Nevertheless, Cadillac is preparing two other sedans for upcoming years, with ATS and LTS also coming in 2018.

2018 Cadillac CT2

2018 Cadillac CT2 engine

We still wait for confirmation about engine lineup for 2018 Cadillac CT2. There are numerous rumors and gossips, but nothing is carved in stone. There is still room for improvement, and Cadillac will do everything to improve further their sedan. First favorite to find the place under the hood of CT2 is 2.0-l turbocharged 4-cylinder. New sedan will be capable to develop around 180 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque. This is going to be a target for any other engine powering new 2018 CT2. According to experts’ prediction, this vehicle will have max speed of 155 mph and excellent fuel economy.

2018 Cadillac CT2 engine

2018 Cadillac CT2 redesign

Since Cadillac is company that produces luxurious vehicle, we must see premium materials in the cabin. Also, infotainment system will contain hi-tech features and systems. Navigation is standard, sound system is superb and leather is covering most of the interior. Door panels, seats and control panel are some of them. Steering wheel also, but it also gets control buttons. Furthermore, we can find many other gizmos and gadgets. Outside, it is stylish sedan with compact dimensions. Bold design is going to be boosted with new grille, bumpers and headlights.

2018 Cadillac CT2 cabin

2018 Cadillac CT2 competition and price

New 2018 Cadillac CT2 will come early in 2018, with other sedans of same company. Estimated price is around $28,000. This is in par with some of its competitors. New CT2 is going to be biggest treat to Mercedes CLA and Audi A3.

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