2017 Tesla Model Y main

2017 Tesla Model Y

Thirteen years ago, group of enthusiasts founder a company, which is known as Tesla Motors, which is oriented on production and development of electric cars. It all started a little bit slowly but nowadays we can say that company already has a decent lineup of different models in offer. There are sports cars, crossovers, sedans etc. However, company goes further and now prepares an all-new model, which is expected to come next year. According to some rumors, new model will come as 2017 Tesla Model Y, and it will be new crossover of the company.

2017 Tesla Model Y specs

2017 Tesla Model Y

The 2017 Tesla Model Y is still in stage of development. So, little is known about it. Exact details and official info are rare, but there are plenty of speculations. At this point, we must rely primarily on these rumors. According to those reports, new model will be mostly related to Tesla Model 3, a 4-door sedan, but since this will be a crossover, it is also expect that many design solutions will be borrowed from Model X. Compared to Model X, 2017 Tesla Model Y is expected to be smaller. This will be an entry-level crossover in lineup. Although it will be smaller than Model X, it will most likely also feature three rows of seats, which indicate that there won’t be so much space inside like in Model X.

2017 Tesla Model Y design

Visually we expect new model to come in same design language. We expect front end similar like on Model 3, but also several solutions from existing crossover. When it is about interior, we expect that overall style won’t be much different than X’s one. We will probably see identical dashboard. New Tesla Model Y will be equipped with plenty of advanced technologies and company’s recognizable huge touchscreen will be also found there. Also, expect to see premium materials such as leather, wood areas, Alcantara etc.

2017 Tesla Model Y side view

2017 Tesla Model Y drivetrain

It is expected that 2017 Tesla Model Y will come with same configuration as Model X, when it is about drivetrain. There will be two variants in offer. Base model will feature 60 kWh battery with max output of around 400 horsepower. Other will be more sport-oriented and will come with 85kWh battery and maximum power of 700 horses. However, these details are just rumors so, you should take them with big reserve.

2017 Tesla Model Y front view

2017 Tesla Model Y release date

Rumors say that 2017 Tesla Model Y will arrive next year. When it is about price, there are no predictions yet.

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