2017 Lincoln Town Car main

2017 Lincoln Town Car

According to some rumors that circulate on the network, it seems possible to see a return of this flagship model, which could come already as 2017 Lincoln Town Car. For about three decades, this was a flagship model of Ford’s luxury brand. It was a full-size luxury sedan, which went through three generations. Original model was produced since 1981. Second generation came in 1989, while third-generation model was in production for more than thirteen years, between 1998 and 2011. Finally, this model was discontinued because of declining sales. However, latest reports say that company has in plans to bring back this model.

2017 Lincoln Town Car design

2017 Lincoln Town Car side view

News about 2017 Lincoln Town Car are nothing more than rumors, at this point. So, you should take all this with big reserve. Even some details about design of new model appeared. For example, some portals wrote about visual appearance of new model. According to them, 2017 Lincoln Town Car will use some styling solutions from previous model, although it isn’t in production for about five year. We will see a conventional design, as it is usually case with these types of vehicle. Company will rely on proven design solution, and we could only expect some ads in like new front and back ends, sharper lines and similar things, which will be adapted to the latest corporate look this luxury brand. On the other side, base lines are expected to remain pretty much unchanged, characterized by elegant and conventional lines, which are pretty attractive for usual users of these cars.

2017 Lincoln Town Car interior

When it is about interior, it is still early to talk about it, since there is no exact information. For now, we can only be sure that 2017 Town Car will feature all of the latest technology achievements, premium materials and similar things.

2017 Lincoln Town Car

2017 Lincoln Town Car engine

The 2017 Lincoln Town Car will surely come in some V6 variant. Exact engine is still unknown, but it is pretty much for sure that it will be some of modern ones from EcoBoost family. There are two variants possible, according to our opinion. First one is 3.5 liter unit, while the other one is new 2.7 liter unit. In any case, it is expected that 2017 Town Car will have max output between 350 and 400 horses.

2017 Lincoln Town Car release date

At this point, it is still hard to predict will 2017 Lincoln Town Car even come. However, some reports say about possible arrival next year.

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