2017 Ford F Series

2017 Ford F Series

Several big changes are expected, when it is about 2017 Ford F Series. These series are consisted of several models of full-size trucks. There Light Duty models like F-150, but also Super Duty variants like F-250, F-350 etc. For the next year, company prepares some significant changes for those heavier, Super Duty trucks, while F-150 also won’t come without changes.

2017 Ford F Series – Light Duty

2017 Ford F Series F-150

These segment of 2017 Ford F Series will be mostly consisted of F-150 model, which is by far the best-selling truck in the world, and also one of the best-selling vehicles overall. It was completely redesigned few years ago, when we saw some significant, better to say, radical changes, such as new aluminum body and massive use of other extra-light materials such as HSS. All this resulted with significant improvement in terms of performances. For the 2017 F Series, F-150 will also bring some changes, but not so big. We will see some updates, such as smaller visual tweaks, new standard features and new packages. Also, it is important that new version of F-150’s off-road, performance variant will finally come as 2017 Raptor. Compared to standard model, this one is more oriented to off-road drive and hard tasks.

2017 Ford F Series – Super Duty

In this aspect, 2017 Ford F Series will come with significant changes. Company starts a process of complete redesign of these models. The first one that will undergo through some significant changes is F-250, which was already presented, and it features completely new look, new platform, which is characterized by use of latest technology achievements, borrowed from new F-150. Later, we expect to see F-350 and F-450 models. Although these models will belong to the same series, 2017 F Series – Super Duty, each of these three models will come with some dose of unique visual appearance, primarily at the front. When it is about engines, Super Duty models will rely on V8 power. We will see known and proven units, both petrol and diesel-powered.

2017 Ford F Series Super Duty

2017 Ford F Series release date and price

All 2017 Ford F Series will come by the end of year, and each model will be completely redesigned. When it is about price of 2017 Ford F Series, Light Duty models like F-150 and Raptor will go in a range between 27.000 and 70.000 dollars, roughly. When it is about Super Duty trucks, exact pricing will be known in near future.

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