2017 Dodge Power Wagon

2017 Dodge Power Wagon

Dodge is one of the most-important divisions of Chrysler, especially when it comes to trucks. This company produces some of the best-known trucks around. There are many models in offer, but Power Wagon takes a special place. This is one of the longest-living models around. It was originally launched in 1941. This light truck was produced as individual model until 1981, when it was added to the company’s best known Ram division. Nowadays, this model comes as special variants of heavy duty truck Ram 2500. For the next year, bigger changes are not expected. The 2017 Dodge Power Wagon will come with the pretty much same characteristics as current model.

2017 Dodge Power Wagon redesign

2017 Dodge Power Wagon front view

As we already mentioned, changes are not expected for 2017 Dodge Power Wagon. This model is tightly connected with Ram heavy duty division, and since these models will be redesigned in a year or two, same destiny is expected for this specific truck. Untill then, we probably won’t see bigger changes. Last update of this truck was in 2014, when it came with new engine and some other changes. The2017 Dodge Power Wagon will not include such significant novelties. According to some rumors, it could come with some smaller modifications in visual aspect, such as slightly revised grille, but main part of the truck will remain unchanged. Some of the most notable features are things like 17-inch alloy wheels, which come with all-terrain tires, Bilstein monotube gas shocks, strenghtened trorque conventer, strenghtened steering gear etc.

2017 Dodge Power Wagon engine

2017 Dodge Power Wagon rear view

The 2017 Dodge Power Wagon will feature all changes that come with the latest update in 2014. For that update, this truck came with new engine. Instead of 5.7 liter HEMI V8, it is now runned by 6.4 liter HEMI V8, which has max output of 410 horsepower and with max torque of around 430 pound-feets. This amount of power is enough for max towing capacity of more than 10.000 pounds. When it is about transmission, 2017 Power Wagon will come with the same 6-speed automatic.

2017 Dodge Power Wagon release date and price

Although these deatails are still unknown, it is expected that 2017 Dodge Power Wagon will come somewhere in late period of this year. Price should remain unchanged, which means around 33.000 dollars.

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