2017 Chevrolet Avalanche

2017 Chevrolet Avalanche

According to some rumors, General Motors has in plans to bring back this interesting SUV after few years of brake, as 2017 Chevrolet Avalanche. This is a full-size six or five-passenger SUV, which was produced in two generations. Original model came in 2001, while second generation came in 2006, and it was produced until 2013. Both model were closely related to models like Chevrolet Suburban and Cadillac Escalade, and it is expected that new model will continue in the same manner. The 2017 Chevrolet Avalanche will come with new platform, and with plenty of other novelties. It is expected to come late this year.

2017 Chevrolet Avalanche specs

2017 Chevrolet Avalanche Front View

This full-size SUV is expected to come completely redesigned by the end of year. Those are still just a rumors, but latest reports indicate that this is very possible. The 2017 Chevrolet Avalanche is expected to come completely new in all aspects. Just like previous models, it will be related to models like Suburban and Escalade. It will ride on company’s new platform, extended K2XX, which is already used for latest generations of related SUVs. Also, new Chevrolet Avalanche will come with completely new appearance. It is expected to come in variants with two and three rows of seats.

2017 Chevrolet Avalanche redesign

In visual aspect, we will see design which will be adapted to company’s latest corporative look. Front end is expected to share many similarities with Suburban, including front fascia, headlights, grille, bumper etc. On the other side, back part of the vehicle will continue in the same manner as previous model, featuring that truck-ish shape. When it is about interior, less is known for now. We can only presume that 2017 Avalanche will come with the similar design of the cabin as Suburban. On the other side, new model is expected to be more luxurious than previous models, and to be much better equipped with various advanced technologies.

2017 Chevrolet Avalanche rear view

2017 Chevrolet Avalanche under the hood

Exact details about engines for 2017 Chevrolet Avalanche are still unknown. Most likely, new model will be available with two V8 engines in offer. The first of all is 5.3 liter EcoTec engine with 355 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque. The other one is 6.2 liter V8, which will probably come with max output of around 420 horses and 460 pound-feet of max torque. Finally 2017 Avalanche will probably come with company’s new 8-speed automatic transmission.

2017 Chevrolet Avalanche release date

Finally 2017 Chevrolet Avalanche is expected to come by the end of year. More precise details about launch date and price will be known soon.

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  1. I own a 2005 Avalanche and am very interested to see if a new one would be introduced as I have been very satisfied with the one I have. I would putchase another one

    1. ,If, you can, please answer definitely, when the NEW CHEVROLET AVALANCHE, will be arriving at the dealerships in 2017! We have own two, was the reason our daughter and son in law bought one, would like to know the trade in value of our 2011, well kept, Avalanche, our son-in-law would like to buy it!

      1. Hey Robert I work for Chevrolet and as of now, their is still no actual confirmation that Chevrolet will bring out the Avalanche but they are offering a special edition Silverado high desert which will be as close as you can get to one right now. High Desert comes
        Available on LT, LTZ and High Country trims
        Sport Bar with Sail Panel
        All-new flexible, lockable storage system
        Lighted side storage boxes
        Standard 20-inch wheels with all-season tires
        Hard Folding Tonneau Cover
        Available Magnetic Ride Control
        Available EcoTec3 6.2L V8 engine

  2. Frederick Canady

    i have a 2008 black ltz and dying to see what the new one will look like if its something i like and the price is right thats all i can say lol

  3. I bought a 2012 Avalanche I love my road hog , I talk to people all the time that have an avalanche , they feel like I do and would definitely buy another one without hesitation I wish Gm would survey previous owners to see if we would buy it again ! The resale is good on them too ,because most people are holding on to them ,I know I am waiting on 2017

  4. I owned a 2003 and still own my 2005 Avalanche. Holding on to them because can’t buy another new one. Can’t understand why GM would discontinue the model. Best utility vehicle ever made. I can throw a mattress in the back and camp out in it if needed. I can haul anything. Can’t wait to see the 2017 arrive.

  5. Hold on to your wallet. If the pricing is as ridiculous as it is on the 2016 Tahoe/Suburban expect to pay north of $60,000

    1. Roger W. Bailiff

      What the hay, my last Avalanche, 2010, was $56K. I figure that 7 years would equal some increase in pricing.

  6. Roger W. Bailiff

    I have owned a 2005, 2007 and a 2010 Avalanche and all three were the best vehicles that I have ever owned. My 2010 is starting to get up there in miles and I assumed that I would just have to drive it until the thing collapsed of high mileage and old age since I was not willing to give up the versatility and my love affair with my favorite vehicle. Hearing that GM/Chevrolet will be introducing a new version of my Old Fav has me getting excited about experiencing the New Car Smell again. It couldn’t happen soon enough for me. Thanks Chevy!

  7. I have a 2003 avalanche and I can’t wait to see the new ones however I hope that they bring back the escalade as well and why not go gmc and make it a Denali

  8. I had a 2008 Avalanche and loved everything about it. I was a fool to trade it in for a 2014 Silverado. Don’t get me wrong, I like my Silverado, I like everything about Chevy, but I loved my Avalanche. I can’t wait to see the new Avalanche. #TRADEIN…

  9. Come on with it.I own a 2003 Avalanche. It’s the best and most versatile vehicle I ever owned. Can’t wait to see what’s new.

  10. I have a 2004 Avalanche with 215,000 miles and still going strong. I love this vehicle! Super depressed they stopped making them in 2013 but now I have hope again. I would buy another in a heart beat.

  11. I have had a 02,04,08 and now driving a 2013 black diamond and I won’t buy another truck unless it is a Avalanche! Buy far the most versatile vehicle I have ever owned. Hurry chevy all of us previous owners are waiting patiently!!!!

    1. Lee, I totally agree with you 100%! I LOVED my 2004 Avalanche, had it for 10 years when it was stolen in 2014 and the insurance company totaled it due to it having over 222,000 miles on it, however it was still running perfectly and STRONG. No comparison to any other trucks/SUV’s. If I had of known that Chevy was discontinuing the Avalanche, I would have traded it and purchase the Black Diamond Avalanche. My heart is still crushed especially when I see other Avalanche’s on the streets! Waiting patiently for the BEST.TRUCK.EVER!!!!!

      1. How come you didn’t know util 2014 that the 2013 was the last year for the Avalanche? I have a 2003abd will not part with it even though I know the metal under the cladding is rusting away! Love excerpt inch of it!

  12. We have a 2008 Avalanche. We LOVE IT!!! We have had discussions on what we are going to do when we finally trade it in. If this new Avalanche comes out…WE WILL BE BUYING IT. There is no other vehicle close to what ours allows us to do on a daily basis.

  13. Dennis Christiano

    I have a 2009 Avalanche LTZ with 101,000 miles on it. I bought it new, it’s my second Avalanche. I’m holding onto it until the next version comes out. It’s the best pick up type vehicle I’ve ever owned. Flexible, comfortable, handsome and dependable. It’s goi it all. Sign me up for the next one.

  14. Owned a 09′ and now have a 13′ Black Diamond. I’ve loved them every since they first came out. Damn sure after they remodeled it and removed all the plastic from the bottom. I love the fact other Ava lovers always talk with me about the truck

  15. I have a 2008 avalanche and absolutely love my truck and wont give it up until the new one comes out, its by far the best vehicle i have ever owned and I’m a bodyshop man and auto painter, I’ve seen a lot of vehicles over my 30 years of working in the industry

  16. I had three Silverado prior to owning my 2011 Avalanche. I loved them, but, there’s no comparison between the Silverado and the Avalanche. I don’t want to trade it in for a Silverado, I’m holding out to see if Chevrolet comes out with the Avalanche again. I,ve wanted one since Chevrolet began making them, I finally was able to get one and then they stop production of them. The Silverado with the High Desert package concept vehicle looks nice, but it’s just not the same. I believe Avalanche owners would possibly buy this to appease themselves but it wouldn’t be as satisfying as owning a real Avalanche again. So GM, please bring the Avalanche back in production again, I believe your sales will make it worth while.

  17. Carol and Bob Krull

    We had a 2007 we traded in for a 2016 Silverado LTZ /Z71. I am still crying about it. Loved the Avalanche! Will definitely buy a new one if it has the same or similar aspects of your previous Avalanches.

    1. I love my Avalanche I have a 2010 only thing I can say is starting to rust a little. Beautiful versatile love the fact that I can pull the seats down for added hauling capacity. I will definitely be looking at the Chevy Avalanche to come.

  18. I’m one of the unfortunate few that was late to the party. I’d always seen avalanches running around but never looked into it. I’ve always bought used silverados and loved them. I own an 02 z71 now and… where has this marvel been?! Sitting right under my nose for years.I bought it off offerup so you can imagine the condition it was in. Needless to say I’ve completely rebuilt this thing, anything she needs she gets. And I’ll be damned if I ever let it go.

  19. So loving the love that is being shown to this awesome vehicle!!! I have a 2003 and still looks as good as new! Versatile for both women and men and turns a lot of heads still. Nice conversation piece for people who are interested in future purchases. Their favorite question to ask would be is it good on gas? I always answer yes because it has been good to me in the city or on the hwy (I would then go into detail). Too excited to purchase another​ one!!!

  20. I own an 09 LT-and after 58,000 miles, never been more impressed-It’s all about versatility-surprising that after 8 years, the bed/window portion doesn’t leak in a down pour

  21. I bought a 2002 when they first came out, had it for 10 years loved it . sold it and bought a 2011 ,, i will keep this truck since it is also the best vehicle i ever had. the 2002 had 130,000 miles on it when i sold it and never had the first problem with it, just wanted to move up a few years.

  22. Whoever is collecting these comments should send them to Chevrolet in Detroit Corp and perhaps they will see the huge mistake hthey made by dropping the line! I do believe the demise of the truck was generated by not having a new design plus they wanted to generate and promote the Silverado instead!

  23. Get rid of all SUVs and bring back the Avalanche
    The most versatile vehicle ever . Please don’t over build .

  24. I own a 2011 avalanche with 57,000 miles on it. Put a nice throaty dual exhaust on it. Thinking about some fatter tires. This is the best rig that I have ever owned!

  25. Please don;t tease us. I owned 2 Chevy Avalanches and they were the best vehicle ever. I own my home and remodel it on a regular basis. The Avalanche was perfect for that. It rode like a car and its distinctive look was popular with all my friends. The interior room was amazing. GM, please bring it back. Avalanche owners are loyal. We don’t understand why you discontinued it. The Silverado is just a good truck but it is a truck only.

  26. I LOVE the Avalanche. I have owned 6 of them my last 2 are the 2013 Black Diamond. Best vehicle GM has ever produced. PLEASE GM bring them back!!

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