Is Dodge Bringing Back the 2019 Dodge Avenger

Coupe or sedan? The new 2019 Dodge Avenger will definitely come in the second form. The car used this body type in its second generation which lasted until 2014. Well, it’s the first comeback came in a very bad moment – right on the start of world economic crisis. However, the Avenger managed to survive the first wave. On the other hand, the carmaker was not happy with its sales performances. Especially the new owner, FCA group. So, the vehicle was discontinued in 2014.

Now, four years later, we can hear rumors about the return. The new car should be 2019 Dodge Avenger. It will take the spot in the mid-size sedan segment. Again, this might not be the right moment. For example, Ford is slowing down the development of new cars. Also, existing models, such as Fiesta and Focus sedans in the US, won’t see new generations any time soon. Crossovers are now more important. But, we will see if the return of 2019 Avenger could change things up on the market.

2019 Dodge Avenger front view

2019 Dodge Avenger redesign

To be competitive on the today’s market, the 2019 Dodge Avenger will have to wear a new suit. The old model has a good foundation, but modernization and upgrades are needed. Well, Avenger can expect help from other models in the family. Dodge Durango or some Chrysler sedans will borrow some design tweaks to its new cousin. Furthermore, the sedan is going to be stylish and elegant. Some parts will come from recently discontinued Dodge Dart. Funny, some saw this vehicle as a direct successor of Avenger in 2014. Now, the things are different.

2019 Dodge Avenger review


A complete overhaul will make 2019 Dodge Avenger totally different from its predecessor. However, this is going to be the entry-level model for the sedan market. The Avenger is not going to use too much premium material and luxurious features. But, it doesn’t mean Dodge will launch some uncomfortable and cheap sedan. In the matter of fact, the attractive price is going to be one of the highlights of the new 2019 Avenger.

2019 Dodge Avenger interior

2019 Dodge Avenger specs

The drivetrain of the 2019 Dodge Avenger is the biggest mystery. Definitely, the base unit will be the petrol one. No big displacement is expected, and the sedan could get a 1.4-liter turbo-four mill. This is Fiat’s MultiJet drivetrain that can produce either 120 hp or 150 hp. A six-speed automatic transmission is standard. We still don’t know if FCA is about to offer a manual gearbox.

2019 Dodge Avenger diesel

Experts believe there is no room for a diesel drivetrain for the 2019 Dodge Avenger. However, some fans on forums are calling for this kind of drivetrain. But, it is not so likely to happen, thanks to strict regulations. We also doubt that FCA would spend too much on the development of this unit.

2019 Dodge Avenger engine



Instead of diesel, the hybrid is a more likely option. First of all, emissions are under heavy monitoring. On the other hand, electric and hybrid vehicles are leaving much less pollution behind. That gives them big chances to become engines of the future. The 2019 Dodge Avenger could be one of the first vehicles coming out of FCA factories with electric motors.

2019 Dodge Avenger side view

2019 Dodge Avenger release date

There is no certain info about the return of 2019 Dodge Avenger. But, rumors are louder every day. Fans are sure the sedan is coming. The release date will depend on the drivetrain option. If that is petrol, Dodge could build the Avenger pretty soon. In that case, the car will be out by the end of this year. If the main option for engine room is hybrid, it is going to take much more time. The 2019 Avenger is then definitely coming next year. Finally, we could see it as a concept vehicle, while the production could start later.

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