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2018 Ford Taurus

Company has big expectations from new 2018 Ford Taurus. According to the latest reports, current model will end its production soon, and new model should come as replace. This model is one

2018 Ford Falcon

According to the latest reports, 2018 Ford Falcon will be the last Falcon. We all remember those Mad Max movies and legendary interceptors, but modern Falcons are in a little bit different

2018 Ford Fusion

One of the company’s most popular large family cars will come next year as 2018 Ford Fusion, probably without bigger changes. As you probably know, 2017 year model comes with big changes.

2018 Ford Ecosport

The 2018 Ford Ecosport will come refreshed. Those are the latest news we have about this small crossover. As you may know, this is a subcompact crossover, which originally came in 2003.

2018 Ford F-250

After recent redesign, 2018 Ford F-250 will continue in the same way. Compared to 2017 year model, we probably won’t see any changes. This will be a second year of production. So,

2018 Ford Kuga

Since it was refreshed recently, 2018 Ford Kuga is expected to come without bigger changes. This popular crossover is present for about eight years. It was designed in Germany, primarily for European

2018 Ford Super Duty

The whole lineup of 2018 Ford Super Duty will be completely new. These are a series of hard trucks, based on legendary F-150. All these models belong to the so-called F-Series. While

2018 Ford Focus RS

The 2018 Ford Focus RS will continue to be one of the best offers in this, so-called, hot-hatch segment of hi-performance cars. This car is expected to come into production in some

2018 Ford Fiesta RS

American car makers will soon introduce another hi-performance model with “RS” badge, which will come as 2018 Ford Fiesta RS. As you probably known, in recent months company introduced several hi-performance models

2018 Ford Mondeo

According to the latest reports, a mid-cycle refresh is expected for the 2018 Ford Mondeo. This is a large family car, which is produced by Ford and offered internationally. Original model came