2021 Tesla Roadster

2021 Tesla Roadster Is On the Way

Despite it’s been a while since we saw the amazing Tesla Roadster prototype, we are still waiting for the serial production. At this point, it looks like we are finally about to find out more details about the launch date. It’s no secret that such a vehicle isn’t exactly a priority for the company at the moment, given the fact that crossovers and trucks are dominating the market. Moreover, it looks like the new Model S will also come first and that this hi-performance car will finally arrive in a year or more, most likely as the 2021 Tesla Roadster.

At this point, we don’t know the exact details, but it looks very possible that the production version could be even more impressive than the prototype, both in terms of acceleration and range. At this point, this is still just a rumor, but a rumor that seems quite likely. 

2021 Tesla Roadster

2021 Tesla Roadster Drivetrain and Performances

Of course, there is no doubt that this is the most interesting aspect of the 2021 Tesla Roadster. Just like the prototype, the production model is expected to feature astonishing performance and the core of such a car will be a setup that includes three electric motors. Of course, we count on the AWD layout, where one electric motor powers front wheels, while the other two are reserved for the rear axle. Also, there is a big chance to see a little bit different transmission design in this case.

Such a setup will provide mind-blowing performances. The prototype goes from zero to sixty in less than two seconds, while quarter-mile time should be under 9 seconds. Those are numbers you will hardly get from a car that is powered with an internal-combustion engine. Moreover, Tesla doesn’t promise just impressive acceleration, but also a max speed over 250 miles per hour.

2021 Tesla Roadster Battery and Range

Another important aspect of the 2021 Tesla Roadster is battery and autonomy. Of course, expectations are huge. The latest reports suggest the new model will feature a 200-kWh battery. For comparison, that’s twice the Tesla Model S P100 battery pack. Therefore, it’s no wonder that some monstrous numbers have been mentioned when it comes to the max range. Elon Musk claims this mode will feature a max range of more than 1000km, which would be more than 620 miles. These are definitely unparalleled numbers in today’s automotive industry.

When it comes to charging, we don’t expect to see a V3 Supercharger with 250 kW of transferring power.

2021 Tesla Roadster Release Date

2021 Tesla Roadster Design

Other from the drivetrain and a few more design solutions, this should be a pretty typical sports car. We expect that the production model will heavily rely on the prototype in terms of aesthetics. The prototype has brought a new approach to Tesla’s styling philosophy, which utilizes more sharp angles and lines. We don’t expect that too many things will be changed on the production model. One of the interesting things we could mention is that rear wheels are bigger than those on the front axle.

The same thing is expected with interior design. The 2021 Tesla Roadster should come in a typical 2+2 seating configuration, with two tight seats at the back. Also, we count on the same or similar futuristic and minimalistic approach in terms of the dashboard design, which is highlighted by a large, narrowly-positioned touchscreen. Of course, there is always plenty of room for new details, though we don’t expect to see too many of them.

2021 Tesla Roadster Interior

Release Date and Price

According to the company’s new timeline, the 2021 Tesla Roadster will probably become available sometime in 2021. A good thing to know is that you can already place orders on Tesla’s website.

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