2019 Ford Ranger review

2019 Ford Ranger

The new 2019 Ford Ranger is a new version of pick up which van relate with some latest models same class. This mid-size truck is something new on the market and has many updated features. Since the newest technologies are in use there is a chance to make improved units, comparing to some predecessors. New pick up has quite potential and interesting specialties, but so far demanding is on the rise. Since the Ford always has many novelties, this model will make a significant change. In the start, there are nothing more than positive predictions.

2019 Ford Ranger front view

2019 Ford Ranger styling

New 2019 Ford Ranger is going to have a slightly different platform than previous models. Starting from GMC basis, this can be a promising combo. With an exterior made to look modern to lighter materials in the overall shape, this truck has a nice future. Design can be personalized also with the palette of colors and other accessories. With significant technical support like infotainment system and a new area of the navigation system, this line up is a real blast. In order to provide clients better impression, the client will have a test drive on base units with all features guaranteed.

2019 Ford Ranger

2019 Ford Ranger engine

The only possible solution for an engine of new 2019 Ford Ranger, at least in the first offer on USA market is the 3.2-liter diesel with five cylinders. Transit van is using it and is very useful to this type of truck. We can expect Eco Boost four-cylinder as a secondary option. Also, the V-6 is possible in the U.S. lineup. Some speculations are all about diesel fuel which is desirable for the environment and also with less consumption. This type of engine is better for fuel utilization and makes transmission faster and still smooth.

2019 Ford Ranger rear view

2019 Ford Ranger price

Exact release date of new 2019 Ford Ranger is still unknown and it can be familiar during 2018, but some rumors say different. Some info is telling us that starting with the year of 2019, will be familiar some clear data about the final presentation. Price will go around $23,000, and with higher trims price is going up.

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