2019 Ford Focus ST

The highlight of the new 2019 Ford Focus ST will be its massive output. Trusted sources are saying that company is aiming for 275 horses, and it will very likely happen. At first thoughts, the 1.5-l engine is not capable of doing that. But, there is an entire system that supports and boosts drivetrain, which is now ready to come out with massive numbers. However, since the car is not confirmed yet, we could see some other stories, with different engines in the mix. Diesel is the second favorite to take a position under the hood, while styling is completely in the background.

2019 Ford Focus ST review

2019 Ford Focus ST specs

To get 275 horsepower from the small engine is a miracle. Well, engineers are making it possible with 2019 Ford Focus ST. Question is – how? First of all, new ST Focus will come with a turbocharger. Another important part is direct-injection, which will already give enough power to consider this car magnificent. The highlight is the cylinder deactivation technology. This feature improves fuel economy, which is not great with so high horsepower rating. The company drops 2.0-l petrol engine, while diesel variant is still possible.

2019 Ford Focus ST rear view

2019 Ford Focus ST redesign

Not only that engine is suffering big changes, it seems like that the same is with the design. First spy photos of the 2019 Ford Focus ST appeared, and under camouflage, we can see few interesting novelties. Grille and headlights are different than on the current model. The tail is showing new shapes, but under armor, we can see clearly what to expect. The platform of the current version will get some updates, but changes on overall dimensions and sizes are minor. However, longer wheelbase will bring more legroom. Wheels are the same as before.

2019 Ford Focus ST interior

2019 Ford Focus ST release date

The 2019 Ford Focus ST could have a premiere this year. It is not so likely, but fans are looking forward at it. Nevertheless, whenever it appears, we can’t wait to see if engineers could achieve 275 hp output from the 1.5-l engine, or there will be a change of plans. The difference in cost is showing all advantages of the ST lineup, like for Fiesta. New Focus in this version will cost over $25,000. But, if we are getting such powerful car, then it is a bargain.

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