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2019 Ford Explorer Comes With Minor Updates

The 2019 Ford Explorer will be just another step until we see the brand-new crossover. Positioned between Edge and Expedition, the SUV is going to present more changes in 2020. Whatsoever, some

The Next-Gen 2019 Ford Figo Full Review

The 2019 Ford Figo will start the new generation. This is the third one, and we saw this vehicle for the first time in 2010. Nevertheless, the next-gen vehicle is going to

2019 Chevrolet Reaper to Kill Ford Raptor and Ram Rebel

The Reaper is finally heading into production. Recent spy shots are definitely showing beefed up Colorado truck that should compete Ford F-150 Raptor. This concept is already four years ago, and it

2019 Ford Expedition Release Date and Price

Expedition is the largest SUV from Ford. Well, it has its luxurious version Lincoln Navigator. Also, the carmaker could soon launch again the Excursion, which was the heaviest SUV ever. By then,

2019 Ford Ecosport Review, Specs, Interior, Titanium

The 2019 Ford Ecosport is going to be the smallest crossover in the family. Slotted under Escape, it will offer generous fuel economy and incredible handling. With plenty of options and unique

2020 Ford Bronco Full Review, Price, Interior, Specs

The 2020 Ford Bronco is ready for return. The company is giving a piece by piece of info about it. Every now and then they give some interesting detail. The most recent

2020 Ford Explorer Spy shots, ST, Hybrid, Sport

Everything about the 2020 Ford Explorer is new. First of all, the platform. Then, engine lineup with a transmission. Furthermore, the infotainment system is heading into a new generation. And finally, we

Is Dodge Bringing Back the 2019 Dodge Avenger

Coupe or sedan? The new 2019 Dodge Avenger will definitely come in the second form. The car used this body type in its second generation which lasted until 2014. Well, it’s the

2019 Ford Super Duty Could Get a 7.0 Gas Engine

The F-Series of the Super Duty segment in the Ford family is the best-selling class. It makes the most profit for the Blue Oval company. So, there is no surprise to see