2018 Ford Mondeo

2018 Ford Mondeo

According to the latest reports, a mid-cycle refresh is expected for the 2018 Ford Mondeo. This is a large family car, which is produced by Ford and offered internationally. Original model came long time ago, in 1992. During all these years, we have seen five generations of it. Latest version of this mid-size sedan came in 2014. Newest modes shares pretty much most of the characteristics with North American model called Fusion, both models are extremely important for the company, each for different markets. Now company prepares a refresh for 2018 Ford Mondeo, which will feature many changes in different aspects.

2018 Ford Mondeo changes

2018 Ford Mondeo front view

As we already mentioned, company prepares a mid-cycle refresh of this model, which is present since 2014. Most of the changes for this mode are already pretty much known. We will see changes both outside and inside. On the other side, mechanical part of the car is expected to remain untouched. When it is about interior, 2018 Ford Mondeo will come with several revision. As it is usual for these refreshes, most of the changes will be made at the front. We will see many new details on lighting, grille and other areas. This model will be completely adapted to the brand’s latest design language. Despite many exterior changes, main improvements will be made inside.

2018 Ford Mondeo interior

Refreshed model will come with several revisions inside. First of all, 2018 Ford Mondeo will come with several new design solutions, which will make a huge impact on overall noise reduction inside the cabin. On the other side, we will also see some smaller tweaks on the dashboard. This model will be very well equipped when it is about safety and drive-assist features. There are advanced systems like cruise control, pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection; a lane-keeping system; driver alerts for drowsiness. Also, Ford installed new parking assist, which now includes perpendicular as well as parallel parking.

2018 Ford Mondeo interior

2018 Ford Mondeo engine

We don’t expect to see changes for the 2018 Ford Mondeo when it is about engines. We will see the same, extremely wide offer of engines, with different amounts of power. There are total four petrol-powered variants, in a range between 125 and 240 horses. There are even more diesels in offer, with total five choices with power range from 115 to 210 horses.

2018 Ford Mondeo rear view

2018 Ford Mondeo release date and price

The 2018 Ford Mondeo will come in the second half of next year. Finally price is expected to remain unchanged, which means around 23.000 dollars for base model.

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