2018 Ford Fiesta ST

2018 Ford Fiesta ST

Ford Motor Company offers one of the widest ranges in car industry. One of the most popular models is a subcompact car called Fiesta. This small car was released long time ago, and it is present for several decades. Recently in came back to North America after some brake. The thing that makes this car one of the best-selling models from Ford is that it comes in many variants. Besides standard models, which are designed for everyday drive, there are also a high-performance models like RS. The 2018 Ford Fiesta ST will be a perfectly balanced model, which will give both performances and economy and practicality.

2018 Ford Fiesta ST redesign and features

2018 Ford Fiesta ST front view

The 2018 Ford Fiesta ST will continue to be one of the best offers in class. This model is present for several years, and bigger changes aren’t expected yet. Most likely, we won’t see modifications until next generation come. This model will come with the pretty much same characteristics as previous year model. We will see a pretty much same exterior design, which comes with much more attractive appearance than standard model, featuring sporty bumpers, spoiler etc.

2018 Ford Fiesta ST interior

Inside, 2018 Ford Fiesta ST will come with some unique details but, unlike RS, it won’t come without many entertainment and drive-assist features, in order to save some weight. Exactly this is the biggest quality of 2018 Fiesta ST. It offers a perfect balance between standard and some hi-performance models. This models has great performances, but still offer good fuel economy. Despite its sporty look, it comes with interior which is very comfortable, and also full of features in all aspects.

2018 Ford Fiesta ST rear view

2018 Ford Fiesta ST engine

As we already mentioned, this is a perfectly balanced model. Besides great power, it also gives great fuel economy. Perfect solution for this is company’s 1.6 EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine, which has max output of 180 horsepower and 177 pound-feet of torque. This engine also features some kind of overboost, which can provide additional 17 horses for about 15 seconds. Power is delivered through 6-speed automatic transmission. This amount of power is good for sprint from 0 to 60 in less than seven seconds.

2018 Ford Fiesta ST interior

2018 Ford Fiesta ST release date and price

The 2018 Ford Fiesta ST will come somewhere later next year. Bigger changes in price are not expected so, it should cost around 21.000 dollars.

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