2017 GMC Granite main

2017 GMC Granite

The 2017 GMC Granite may finally enter serial production. You probably don’t know, but plenty of rumors about this model appeared recently. This is a small crossover, which was presented way back in 2010. However, it never entered serial production, although concept was accepted well, both by experts and crowd. Finally, several reports about this mode appeared recently and all of them say that this model will probably enter serial production, as 2017 GMC Granite. Of course, those reports are just speculations. So far, there is no official confirmation. So, you should take this with big reserve.

2017 GMC Granite redesign

2017 GMC Granite

The 2017 GMC Granite will come as completely new vehicle. It will be the smallest vehicle from GMC. If it comes, we expect to see several modifications, compared to a concept. The biggest problem is about platform. Concept model was designed on Gamma II platform, but the fact is that GM already developed new Gamma G2SC platform, which features much more advanced design solutions. So, production new GMC Granite could turn to this one. On the other side, visual appearance could be very close to concept model. This styling still doesn’t look aged. Moreover, this shape will be a true refreshment, compared to most crossovers of this size, which feature those fancy cutie stylings, which more look like ordinary car with higher ground clearance, that real off-roader. This model surely brings something new.

2017 GMC Granite interior

On the other side, interior is going to be pretty much different. While concept mode featured a cabin which was designed in very futuristic manner, 2017 Granite will be much more production-friendly. So, expect many design solutions borrowed from Chevrolet Trax and similar models.

2017 GMC Granite rear view2017 GMC Granite engine

It is hard to predict which engine 2017 GMC Granite will use. Concept model was equipped with 1.4 liter inline-four engine, which has max power of 138 horses and 148 lb-ft. Transmission was 6-speed automatic. At this moment it is hard to tell will 2017 Granite use this one or some other unit.

2017 GMC Granite price and competition

Exact price for 2017 GMC Granite is still unknown. However, it is pretty much for sure that new model cost more than Trax, which goes around 20.000 and less than GMC Terrain, which starts somewhere around 24.000 dollars. Main rivals could be models like Jeep Renegade or Kia Soul.

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