2017 Ford Mustang Boss 302S

According to latest reports, we could see newest version of Ford’s pride as 2017 Ford Mustang Boss 302S. There is really no need for some special introduction of one of the most iconic sports cars in history. Mustang is present for over 50 years, and Boss 302 is one of its performance variants, which is unlike Shelby, made without third party. It is completely designed and engineered by Ford. It is also one of the rarest models of Mustang. So far, we have seen only four models of it. Original came in 1969, while rest of three came in 1970, 2012 and 2013. Finally, it is time for new one, which will come this year, as 2017 Ford Mustang Boss 302S.

2017 Ford Mustang Boss 302S engine and performances

2017 Ford Mustang Boss 302S

The exact information for engine for 2017 Ford Mustang Boss 302S is still unknown. However, it is easy to conclude that its name says for itself. Like previous models, it will have the engine which has displacement of 302 cubic inches, which is equal to 5.0 liters. So, it indicates that company will install well-known Coyote. In previous variant, it has around 440 horses. So, we expect even more for 2017 Mustang Boss 302S. According to some reports, it will have over 500 horsepower. In any case, excellent performances are guaranteed.

2017 Ford Mustang Boss 302S

2017 Mustang Boss 302S redesign

Well, just like previous variant, 2017 Ford Mustang Boss 302S will have some unique characteristics compared to standard model also. This one will come based on the latest generation of this legendary pony car. base design and look will be pretty much the same, but we expect some unique details. Outside, 2017 Mustang Boss 302S will come same shape, but with some specially designed parts which will accentuate cars sporty character. There will be new bumper, larger air intakes, rear spoiler and similar things. Inside, we will also see some dose of uniqueness. This model will more suit to great performances, so we won’t see unnecessary parts installed. Also, we could see features like racing seats, sportier steering wheel, and similar thing.

2017 Ford Mustang Boss 302S main

2017 Ford Mustang Boss 302S release date and price

The exact date of launch is still unknown, but it is highly expected 2017 Ford Mustang Boss 302S to come somewhere this year. When it is about price, it is still early to speculate, but some rumors say that it should go between 90.000 and 100.000 dollars.

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