2017 Ford Evos

2017 Ford Evos

Some rumors suggest that company’s known concept will enter serial production, maybe even as 2017 Ford Evos. Those are just unconfirmed reports and rumors, so you should take them with big reserve. First of all this concept was released back in 2011. It is an idea of modern, electric sports coupe, which made a huge influence on many new models from the blue oval company. Many of new models are hugely inspired by this concept, not only when it comes to styling, but in many other design solutions too. Now, many expect that it could come in production variant. For now, it is just a speculation, but future will show will it become something more.

2017 Ford Evos redesign

2017 Ford Evos front view

Finally 2017 Ford Evos will come as an all-new vehicle, based on a concept that came in 2011. In that time, this concept was something completely new. It showed in what direction future models of Ford will go. After five years, we can concluded that this model established new design language, in some way. Many of new model features similar front end. When it is about production model of 2017 Ford Evos, it will probably keep the same basic design. We will see similar coupe-like shape, and front end which will be close to new Mustang, probably. However, many of the parts will be redesigned, to be more production-friendly. For example, we expect to see more conventional door design.

2017 Ford Evos interior

Same thing is with interior. First of all concept model features extremely modern, even futuristic design of cabin. On the other side, production model will definitely come with more usual cabin, with something that we already saw on some models from company. Probably, most of the details will be borrowed from new Mustang, but 2017 Evos will also feature many unique details, which will accentuate its hybrid nature.

2017 Ford Evos side view

2017 Ford Evos powertrain

Well, we finally expect big changes in this aspect for 2017 Ford Evos. Concept car uses the same configuration as C-Max plug-in hybrid. It is consisted of 2.0 liter engine, and 7.6 kWh lithium-ion battery. Total output of this system is 188 horsepower which, you must admit, simply isn’t enough, and doesn’t follow at all cars sporty design. So, we expect to see some new configuration inside production model, which have significantly more power, and maybe even better total range.

2017 Ford Evos interior

2017 Ford Evos release date

Some rumors say that 2017 Ford Evos could come already early next year, but you should take this with big reserve.

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